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Jane Eyre| Movie Review Hollywood Movies

Jane Eyre is back again to cast her mysterious spell on the art lovers with a brand-new cinematic adaptation by director Cary Joji Fukunga based on a screenplay by Moira Buffini. The much loved and iconic lead pair is played this time by Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland fame) and Michael Fassbender.

The movie opens with Jane fleeing the Thornfield Hall and is saved by a clergyman St. John Rivers and his family from starvation and death. And while recuperating in the Moor House of the friendly Rivers, she visits her past and we travel with her in the flash back. We find here a 10 year old orphaned Jane being mistreated by her aunt and banished from her childhood home of Gateshead to the charity school of Lowood. Life is not pleasant at Lowood, but Jane receives an education. She finds and loses a friend in form of Helen Burns.

At the age of 17, Jane comes to Thornfield hall as a governess of Adele Varnes, a ward of Mr. Rochester. She finds kindness in Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper and an object of interest in the moody, peculiar and at times eccentric Edward Rochester. She is intrigued by the strange events happening around her in the house and the attic. Life does sound promising to her with a possibility of finding love and happiness with Rochester. But it is now that she discovers the secret of the house and its connection with Rochester, which made her leave the Thornfield hall with nowhere else to go to.

While she is adjusting in the life with the Rivers, St. John proposes to her. But Jane can’t accept. Her heart tells her that she must return to Thornfield. But to what purpose? What does she do to make her peace with life?

The script is good, preserving all the essential Bronte elements of the story with a neat trimming to make it fit for the book. Jane is as plain, as just, as passionate and as intelligent as in the book , but much more confident in facing and handling the world. The Rochester is also a lot like the one from the book, though the character itself is such a mixutre of oddities that it would be difficult to portray him completely in span of a few hours. The cinematography is superb and you can not help loving the wild moors and landscapes or the 19th century gothic buildings of England.

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Final verdict:

A visual treat for all literature lovers…Enjoy…

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