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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 5 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 5 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around the local underworld gangs.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Ashawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa, Eva Grover

A tapori named Musaddilal in colorful clothing visit a paanwala in order to do look at his love interest. He smokes cigarette and behaves like a don. When he was signaling his love interest, she refuses to answer but her mother responds. Though the twist in the tale comes when someone from the second floor of the building drops old food on Musaddilal. Now it is the question of his impression in mind of his girl. He then challenges the one responsible to make his cloths dirty.

Against the height of somewhere near 5 feet of Musaddilal, he was a more than 6 feet and heavy weight goon. But now Musaddilal cannot step back! He tries overcome the situation in the funny way. But ultimately humiliated Musaddilal goes to meet an underworld don to solve the problem once and for all. As the fellow who slapped him is also claiming to have interest in Musaddilal’s girl friend. At the head quarter of “B Company”, when Musaddi enters the receptionist Tina was calling a film producer for the extortion money. Feared Musaddilal tries leaving the place but Tina sees him and calls him.

He tried convincing them that he came to the place by mistake but when Pandey and Shukla doubts him as the police informer, Musaddilal reveals that he came to meet Bhatiya Bhai, the don. Shukla then reveals that Musaddi cannot be linked with police becasue Bhatiya Bhai is in jail and those who are associated with police knows the fact very well. Musaddilal gets disappointed by knowing that the Don Bhatiya Bhai is in the jail, so how come his work will be done? He then raise her doubt and by knowing that Musaddi came to offer Supari (codeword for money in favor of kidnap, kill etc.) order, the members of gang asks him to sit, as he is their customer.

During the conversation with Shukla and Pandey, Musaddilal got to know that in absence of Bhatiya Bhai, Patel Mamu is the in-charge and he handles the business. As Patel Mamu is out for some business work, as soon as he arrive they will register Musaddilal’s problem and handle it. BTW, Patel Mamu was on the visit to the police station to collect the extortion money from police, as the security deposit to not to disturb the peace in the area of that police station!!!

Feared Musaddilal treated with drinks which did not want to take, but he was having no option. The Patel Mamu arrives and explained the reason he was late. He then asks Ushaji to deposit the money in the account. As Ushaji was busy on the phone and didn’t hear Patel Mamu’s order, Patel Mamu gets angry on her. But then she explained that as there is some tension in her family. At the time, Tina arrives and asks Patel Mamu that there is a customer (Musaddilal) waiting. During the conversation Patel Mamu asks Musaddilal his whereabouts etc. When he gotta know that the customer’s name is Musaddilal, he asks that he killed a man with the same name last week in Nagpada area, by knowing that Musaddilal lives in Sangpada, Mamu laughs that if he didn’t understand the address properly, then Musaddilal could have been killed in stead of that one and starts laughing. Though Musaddilal didn’t find this tale funny any way, of course!!!

He then send Musaddilal to Ushaji to fill-in the registration form etc. by claiming that he got his staff trained overseas, and they uses the latest technology. Ushaji was again busy on the phone and gets the form fill in from Musaddilal and demands Rs. 10000 as the 50% payment of the total cost. Though as Musaddilal doesn’t have that much money along with him in his pocket, Ushaji collects Rs. 2000 from him and gives him the form to sign. When Musaddilal sees that the form is filled-in wrongly by Ushaji as she wrote, they need to kidnap Musaddilal in stead of Pinkey. Then he sees the both the details his and hers are written in the wrong segments, he complains. Though Ushaji shouts on him and asks him to do corrections in the form. At the same time we see that she the person Musaddilal got in fight with, comes to meet Mamu. He orders killing of Musaddilal. Both are unaware of each other’s presence there.

What will happen now?

Well it is better to see it on your own though. Most of the underworld stuff reminds you some Bollywood films. But, on the other hand the so natural acting of the cast makes is an enjoyment. Also there are punch lines that, “Ushaji do your work properly, don’t stick to the phone entire day. This is not a government office”. etc.
Overall a nice watch.

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