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Kachchi Dhoop Episode 3 | Hindi TV Serial ON DVD | Views and Reviews

In the 80s one more inspirational tale was aired from Doordarshan named “Kachchi Dhoop”. It is a about middle class family and how it passes through the events and how its real life incidents occurs to them. Here are the details about Episode 3 of the same.

TV Serial : Kachchi Dhoop
Story ScreenPlay Dialogues : Chitra Palekar
Hindi Dialogs and Lyrics : Kamlesh Pande
Music : Vijay Singh
Cinematorgraphy : Debu Deodhar
Producer : Chitra Palekar
Director : Amol Palekar
Manufacturer : Rudraa
Running Time : 280 min
Video Encoding : NTSC
Number of Discs : 2
Language : Hindi
Subtitles : English
Genre : Drama
Year Of Telecast : 1987
Actors : Bhagyashree Patwardhan, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Shalmalee Palekar, Purnima Patwardhan, Prashant Bhatt, Amol Palekar, Pratiksha Jhaveri, Vishal Ranjane

The next morning when their mother was out of home, the middle sister Nandia aka Nandu tried opening the the gift box. Though the youngest sister Meenaxi aka Meenu have complained the same to the eldest sister Alka, the wisest and mature one. When Alka tried stopping Nandu to not to open the box as their mother told it not to be opened till they found who sent the same. Nandu reveals that she knows who sent it. And then opens the container and gets all the gift packets out from the same one by one. When arranged the stuff written was “Happy Deewali” with one additional letter “M”. As they don’t know the meaning of “M”. They decide to meet the boy who sent it and lives in the neighborhood.

When they tried entering the house or Read Admiral, the gate keeper didn’t let them in. As none of them was known to the family members living inside and the girls don’t know any of the the family members either. After coming back to the home, the sisters were thinking the way to go inside and meet the boy, because it is needed to confirm that the gift box was send by him indeed and so they can open and use it. Finally Nandu got the plan to get inside the home by jumping over the wall, as it is not possible to go through the door. Alka tried stopping but ultimately decided that only Nandu will go and they will wait for her. If she didn’t come back within half an hour the police should be informed (the filmy stuff:)).

When Nandu enters from the wall, the scene is filmed like a spy on a mission. The background music of James Bond theme played in the background as she was walking inside the home. Rear Admiral was shouting on his grand son, the boy who sent the gift box, for not to coming with him. Ultimately when he has gone, Nandu revealed herself. During the conversation she found that the grandfather was a Rear Admiral and loves his grandson a lot. The parents of the boy are dead in a plane crash a long ago. As the grand father is very descipline oriented, he doesn’t let the boy go out to the street and play with boys to keep him well mannered and well educated. It resulted into having no friends for the boy. The boy was not mature enough to understand all the good reasons behind the behavior of his grand father though. And of course, a kid needs to enjoy his childhood.

Nandu understands his problem and asks that he needs to have friends. Then the boy revealed that he knows everything about the sisters. Alka, Nandita and Meenaxi, all three sisters’ daily routine is by heart to him. When he feels alone, he goes on the terrace of his home, from wher he can see all the details of the Nandu’s home. And when the doors open and curtains are not closed the inside details also are visible to him. He love the way the sisters talk, fight and love each other and live together with the mother. Nandu reveals that her father is no more. Then Nandu asks her to come his home, when he want. The boy got joyful. Suddenly, Nandu remember that she need to reach back to the home within half an hour and she already got late.

The boy then ask her to take some hot or cold drink before she leave. When the boy went to arrange the same. Nandu sees the library of the Admiral and got fascinated about the same. When she left, she remembered that she came here to know the name of the boy which she didn’t ask yet and came back for the same. She gotta know that the real name of the boy is Manishankar. As she is a book worm. She then see the photo of the Rear Admiral on the wall. She gets angry on him (in the photo of course) for not letting the Boy enjoy his childhood and force him to follow the way he choose for the boy without caring for his own likes and dislikes. She was not aware that the Rear Admiral was hearing the conversation from behind. He then reveals himself and gets angry on Nandu.

What will be the fate of Nandu now? Will the boy Manishankar ever be able to meet his new friend again? How will she be able to reach her home back, if she can?

So many questions, lot of to be watched. The serial gets better by content and direction. You need to avoid a couple of less good acting and the video quality and you will surely enjoy the stuff. A non-dramatic, straight-forward tale.

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