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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 4 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 4 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around the R.T.O. office and how a genuine common man gets humiliated there.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Asawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa

A very old man who was in tension because of the behavior of the people of an Insurance office, was thinking about his experiences with the office. His father was expired and he came to the Insurance office to claim and en cash the Insurance policy of his father. He asked to come next day and then when he visits the office again, he is again asked to come next day. This periodic visit to the office and every time being asked to come after a certain period became a routine for him. It is almost around two years passed and the insurance office staff neither answer the old man properly nor try to resolve his case. They all are very much interested in selling him a new policy. Tired from these misbehavior and improper response from the Office, the old man lost in his thoughts and while crossing the road he met with an accident. A Bus coming in full speed rolled over the old man. The last word the old man wrote on the road with his blood was “Beema” (Insurance).

In a social gathering after the funeral, his son Musaddilal Dixit, found explaining the relatives the stuff about his father’s death. He explained all the humiliation Mr. Dixit faced at the insurance company.

At the insurance office, peon Bhatiya and insurance agent Shukla found talking about their interests. Bhatiya is interested in food more than anything and to get the extra income for the same, he was keen that company get more customers who are interested in Insurance policy then he can get his “cut” of corruption from the same to fulfil his needs! Same way, Shukla is also interested in the people who want Insurance policy so he can reach his target and earn more money. He have even asked the “paanwala” to find and forward such customers to him and offered commission to him as well! The paanwala brings two fellows and Shukla and Bhatiya was happy getting the customers, the source of income! Though Shukla offered them to have something hot or cold and the customers who seemed the people from village are interested in the same. But, when Shukla orders for the same, we understand from his gesture that neigher hot (Tea/Coffee) nor cold drink will ever be served to these fellows!

Shukla started filling the forms. When the forms are almost complete for two separate insurance policies worth rs. 10 Lakh each, Shukla realized both the persons are not the potential customers. Whatever the paanwala explained them, they understood that they will get money. They even doesn’t know that right now they need to pay insurance premium and later their descendants will get the insurance coverage as cash. Angry Shukla kicks both them out of his office then.
At the same time Mr. Musaddilal Dixit, came to the office in order to get encashed his father Mr. Musaddilal senior’s insurance policy of Rs. 2 lacs. Misunderstood Bhatiya thinks that Musaddilal came to get a new insurance policy takes him to Shukla. Without hearing the details, Shukla started filling-up the form. When Musaddilal explained everything and the fact that he brought all the necessary papers, including his father’s death certificate, to encash the policy. Shukla scolds Bhatiya and asked him to take Mr. Musaddilal to the office on the first floor where the policy en-cash process can be completed. On the way to the first floor, on the staircase, Bhatiya asked about his father’s death to Musaddilal Dixit and when he explained the detail, Bhatiya asked about some social ceremonies arranged after a death. Actually he was interested in the food information, what else! When he asked Musaddilal that why he hasn’t called Mr. Bhatiya to eat food at his place, Musaddilal gets angry and scolds him.

It was a sad event of someone’s death, not a ceremony like marriage, and without even knowing how can Musaddial invite Bhatiya to eat food at his home? And by what right Bhatiya could complain so? Bhatiya than guies Musaddilal to Mr. Patel’s desk. We see that Mr. Patel was interested in, if Musaddilal is interested in having a new policy. When he heard that Musaddilal came to en-cash his late father’s policy; he asked Musaddilal to come next day, by claiming that they are under staff and workload is so high and so and so. However no one is working anything official!!!

At the same time a lady staff member Tina came and asked Bhatiya to bring a taxi immediately. The reason was, the mother-in-law of the sister of the lady boss of the office, Ushaji, was dead due to blast of a stove in the home. Hence, Ushaji needs to leave immediately. Though when they all tried to send her the condolances, we see that even Ushaji is more interested in the insurance of her sister’s mother-in-law. As there was no accidental insurance was there, they need to buy a new stove by paying for it!!!

When Ushaji left, everyone gets back to the desk and Patel started talking to Mr. Musaddilal Dixit. Again, he thought that Musaddilal was interested in having a new policy, he is keenly ready to help him, because of the commission he thinks he will earn in case Musaddilal gets the new policy. Mr. Musaddilal explained the things again and when Patel knew that Mr. Musaddilal senior met with an accident. He asked that as Mr. Musaddilal senior was walking at the right side of the road, it is a suicide and as it is clearly mentioned in the policy document, no money will be given in case of suicide.

Musaddilal explained that it was the accident not suicide. Patel then told, that in this case it is a murder and police must be informed and till the case is solved, no money can be given to him. Musaddilal Dixit confirms that police knows the fact. Patel then talks him a lot and ultimately he convince him to get a new policy.

Will Musaddilal Dixit be able to get the policy of his father en-cash now? Will he need to get even more insurance policies, to get one passed? Will he need to pay even more bribe to the staff of the Insurance company? His father met with death in the effort to get his father’s (Musaddilal’s grand father’s) policy en-cashed and now he is also in the similar trap? If he and his father was unable to get one policy en-cashed based on the true and valid facts, how his children or family members be able to get these new policy(ies) en-cashed.
A true picturisation of the event. A number of viewers will feel this is something happened to them or the people they know! One more office of corrupted employees exposed realistically!! Must watch episode.

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