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Meetings, Meetings And Just Meetings | Episode Reviews For Flop Show Hindi TV Serial On DVD

It is considered that a person is important in terms of the meetings he attends during the day. In pre-episodic punch of two minutes it is shown that in an office the M.D. was relieved and Ganga Ram – the parrot – is appointed in place of him. We see that when the sub-ordinate asks him for various issues, the parrot asks to call the meeting. The peon than reveals that, that is what an M. D. does, whenever asked for anything, he decides to call a meeting. So why to pay handsome salary to an M.D.? It is better to have an parrot repeating the same phrases (in place of M. D.). This punch itself provides glimpses of the episode.

Mr. Bhatti an officer was asking her secretary to call various district administration departments and found that almost all officers were unavailable. The response from all the offices are same, the officer is busy in the meeting. Mr. Bhatti thinking how could he arrange a meeting with all the officials, which is must to be scheduled once in a month, if all the officials were busy with different meetings. Mr. Bhatti then asks her sub ordinate to get the list of the files which was eaten by the rats last month. We see that when Mr. Gupta asks his sub ordinate, he without even taking the things seriously asked that the list is not ready. On asking for the reason, he asked that he had no pen to write down the list of files, and he have reminded the concerned person to allot him the pen. This is what actually happens in government offices in a lot of cases. The person was not ready to use his own pen to prepare a list.

Mr. Bhatti asks Rita (his secretary) to call the sub-ordinate who haven’t prepared the list and after listening the reason he asks him that he gets around 6 pens per month and when there is the time to work he have no pen, how can this be possible? The hard skinned person says that “He Don’t Know”.Mr. Bhatti’s wife called him that her relative’s marriage is fixed on a specific date at Delhi and asks her to arrange the meeting at Delhi on that day. (So they can enjoy personal events on official duty.)

When mrs. Bhatti and her friend were chatting, her friend explores some scandals in the society. She learn that the husband was cheating his wife by falsely telling that he had to attend a meeting when he was needed to go with his girl friend. On Mrs. Bhatti’s confirmation about her husband have to attend a lot of meetings, she suggests her to keep an eye on him and get the details about the meetings whenever he ask that he need to attend a meeting, for safety. On the next morning she interrogates Mr. Bhatti when he tried leaving early to attend a meeting, when asked forcefully, Mr. Bhatti revealed the reason that he need to attend a meeting which is scheduled to discuss the issue of the files eaten by the rats. She also found Mr. Bhatti’s secretary Rita was in the car when the car was there to drive Mr. Bhatti to the office. She got suspected and calls her friend. She advice her to cross check at his office by calling as a press reporter to know the truth.

Mr. Bhatti on the other hand was not able to manage the meeting as the list of the files eaten by the rats was not available. He asks her secretary to not let the words spread about the rats and if anyone asks about him answer that Mr. Bhatti is on leave; as the issue is wide spread and if the media will print this matter then it will be the loss in prestige. Rita also left for beauty parlor and asks the peon to do the same. Incidentally, Mrs. Bhatti called by pretending as a reporter to know the actual whereabouts of Mr. Bhatti and peon conveyed her wrong information (as he is asked to). Mrs. Bhatti gets angry on his husband and left the home.

What will happen now? Will Mr. and Mrs. Bhatti be together ever? What will happen when some person whose file is waiting in the store room since months, come and enquire about the progress? Will the chairman of the company ever need to interfere? Will the chairman call a meeting and summon Mr. Bhatti and others to attend the same? What would be Mr. Bhatti’s fate? What will be result of any such meeting, if happened ever?

All these questions are answered hilariously when you watch the episode. Jaspal Bhatti proves yet again that there is an intelligent fellow within him, who can represent the real problems of society, which layman faces in routine life, so convincingly. A must watch.

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  1. In a sad note, Mr. Jaspal Bhatti is met with an accident and it prove fatal for him. He dies at the age of 57. (Reference)
    His incredible work (especial satire) will be remembered for ever in Hindi TV/Cinema history.
    May his soul get the ultimate rest. Our condolences to his family.

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