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Inception Movie Reviews

Christopher Nolan has created a niche for himself with brilliant movies like Memento, The Dark Knight and the latest feather in his cap is “Inception” starring Leonoardo DiCaprio where he continues exploring the depths of the human mind and the internal demons rather than external circumstances.

Movie : Inception
Director : Christopher Nolan
Starring : Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine

We have heard it so many times before that the human mind is an extremely powerful device which normal humans never utilise at its full potential. Inception takes us to the journey of human minds, navigating through it deeper and deeper and the medium chosen here is dreams. Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo, has developed a business for himself of corporate espionage by entering subconscious minds of his subjects, sharing there dreams and stealing their secrets with partner Arthur. But Dom’s wife Mal keeps appearing in these dreams trying to sabotage his operations. Dom is a fugitive running away from his country and yearns to go back to his children in USA . Saito, a representative of a giant energy company promises to get him a sanctuary in USA if he will do a job for him. The job is to plant an idea in the mind of Maurice Phisher, the heir of the largest energy company of the world that he should dissolve the empire when his father is dead.

Inception is a dangerous concept, no one has tried it before, but Dom accepts it. He gathers the team and they start working on taking Phisher into a three-level dream so that they can plant the idea in his subconscious mind. Dom finds a young and promising architect Ariadne to build up the dreams who during preparation for the job finds out about Dom’s past and why his wife keeps appearing in these dreams. She learns that Mal killed herself because she ended up believing that she was in a dream and to get back to reality she has to die. And where did she get that idea from?

The job starts and they realise that Phisher has been trained to fight such an attack on his subconscious mind. However, they move on and the journey becomes more and more thrilling and dangerous as time passes. Finally, Dom confronts the projection of his wife and tries saving everyone who comes back to reality except Saito who has gone deeper than everyone else. Dom meets aged Saito and they come back, or do they? In a typical Christopher Nolan end, everyone wakes up to reality and Dom comes to USA to reunite with his children. He spins his totem (an object used by owner to check whether its reality or dream), a spinning device in his case which would perpetually spin in the dream. But Dom is distracted by the children and doesn’t stop to check whether the totem stops or not…

The movie asks us again, what is reality? Is it what we see, listen, perceive, feel? Then are there different levels of reality? So many times we say, the dream felt so real. So many times we do not want to wake up, want to stay in the dreamland. Are the dreams as real as the reality?

A must watch for all the cinema lovers, so much so for the thrill and action as much as for the idea and the spellbinding script..

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