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Knowledge Without Wit Is Dangerous | Tale From PanchTantra | TV Serial On DVD Reviews

Sure knowledge is the power. Though, it must be remembered that the incomplete knowledge is dangerous. A doctor acts as a life saver for the people. But we hear a lot of cases when a bogus doctor’s practice lead to the death or fatal reactions on the patient, for example. This applies to people working in any field.

When Vishnu Sharma was preparing for a plantation he heard a student sharing some knowledge. As the student’s father was an expert in Botany, his advice could be important. After hearing the advice Vishnu Sharma told him that yes, the knowledge is correct. But you have to make sure it applies in this case also. For example one thing true for one plant or tree, might not be correct for the another one!

This incident ultimately leads to the story of four Brahmin youth.

Way back in some ancient times, there were four Brahmin kids were living in a village. They were good friends. Due to some circumstances three of them got chance to get higher education at a remarkable Gurukul. One of them named Subuddhi, though had to join his father in farming. The days are passed as months and years! Now as the three friends have completed their education, they are coming back to their native. Subuddhi went on to receive them. The three friends no doubt are now the possessor of the excellent knowledge of their area of expertise, but became a little proud too.

During the conversation we find them mention several times that how educated, knowledge possessors and skillful they are and how Subuddhi lack all those qualities. Subuddhi though never felt ill for those remarks. On the way to their village they found a good river and they decide to take a bath. All three friends went into deep water but Subuddhi however took bath at the bank. The friends have made fun of him and told him that he is kind of coward! Subuddhi though represented his point of view that 1. He doesn’t know swimming and 2. This is unknown river to him and so he had no idea of the depth of the water in the same. The three friends then told him several cases of their bravery!

After taking the bath, they were thinking that which way they should chose to go home. There were two way, one was known and one was unknown to them. Subuddhi suggested to go the known way, but he was uneducated, so how can his suggestion be correct?! The friends decide to go the unknown way. On the way they reach to a place where they found the path was muddy and blocked. What to do now? Well, the three friends got knowledge to solve this kind of real life problems and one of them suggested that they should bring in some stones and throw them into the mud. This will fill it up and make the road walkable! They were true, but how much amount of stones they need and how remarkable amount of efforts and time needed for this stuff, is a different thing. One of the fellow bring a stone and throw it into the mud. You can assume what should have happened!

No problem, if one solution doesn’t work, just go for the another. One of the three friends have decided to go for the other solution. The solution was…. well, just watch the episode to know more about that.

They ultimately reached home. After some days, they visited Subuddhi’s home where they were preparing for his sister’s marriage. There the three friends informed Subudhi that they are planning to stay no more in the village. Rather they would prefer going some foreign location. They will explore their talent there and earn money for the same. They also advise Subuddhi to come with them. Though Subuddhi was not educated like them (!) but was their friend, so better he go with them. He will learn something from them and will earn wealth as well.

The time has came when they all left their village. They were passing from the jungle when they saw a skeleton lying there. After analyzing they came to the conclusion that it was the skeleton of a tiger. The three friend decided to try their skills on the skeleton. Subuddhi tried stopping them, but the friends have decided to make the tiger alive using their skills.

The incidents happened then after are better to watch rather than read about the same. The story is good and it is told in nice manner too. The sets are realistic and so does the music. Acting by the principal cast is good. The scenes with special effects will definitely look childish to today’s audience. Overall a good story conveying a message. It will be really good for the kids to learn about the various qualities they need to earn, as they will be the most valuable assets for them for the rest of their lives.

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