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Proxy War Begins At Taxashila | Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

It is truly said that the wars are not played only in the battleground(s). Probably more fatal and deadly wars are played with tactics. The mind games and the proxy wars are the best to destroy the internal strengths of the opponent. It makes the opponent more and more vulnerable when the actual fight takes place.

This is the reason why each country or kingdom have its own intelligence and counter-intelligence department. It is a very old idea to infiltrate the opponent’s resources and implant the messengers and spies there. As Taxashila was having a remarkable army; Kaikei also applied same tactics. A number Kaikei messengers, spies and well-wishers were stationed at Taxashila since years. They are not only mixed with Taxashila citizens very well, but also being considered as respected fellows. Some of them have great influence on the powerful people of Taxashila, including the commandant of Taxashila – Sinharan, the crown prince of Taxashila – AmbhiKumar and others.

The first intelligent weapon used by Kaikei on Taxashila was to create disputes in the ruling system, especially in the Royal family. AmbhiKumar was the soft target. A few spies from Kaikei, in the disguise of sages and saints, meets Ankita – the wife of Sushen (the prime minister of Taxashila). They refer her as the queen mother and affirms her that they see the future of her and she will be the queen soon! Ankita was told the same thing earlier also by several other sages. It is a mind game. If the same thing is told to you more than once and by different people, you will start believing into the same! The poor lady was no exception.

When she is back at home, she was very happy and started dreaming of herself as the queen. During a conversation she revealed something related to the same to her maid. However she doesn’t knew that the maid is actually a messenger implanted by Ambhikumar to her home. The tale reached to Ambhikumar of course. AmbhiKumar analyzed the circumstances and reached to the conclusion that Somehow Sushen should be involved in something which is dangerous for Taxashila. He stated smelling the betrayal in the actions of Sushen. Ambhikumar knew than Sushen doesn’t like him and was opposing his actions against Kaikei (which were all wrong doings), which made his doubts stronger.

Furious Ambhikumar calls on Sushen. He played games of conversation with Sushen, and asked him to take his (Ambhikumar’s) seat. Sushen, a true patriot and believer of traditions and rules, cannot take that place of course. He was actually in tension as he knew that Kaikei have declared war against them and there will be challenging days comings nearer. When he asked Ambhi to clearly tell whatever he wants to convey, Ambhikumar accuse him for preparing plan to destroy the current ruling and joining hands with Kaikei. Sushen refused to accept the guilt and demands proof for the same. He was unaware of whatever happened with his wife and how it was known to his maid and conveyed to Ambhikumar. Ankita was called in as the proof. She confirms that Sushen doesn’t knew anything about the incident. And it was merely a kind of forecast or prophecy conveyed to her by a few sages. Nothing else. She immaturely expressed her feelings about the prophecy at home, that was all.

Sushen tried explaining Ambhikumar the situation. He affirms that Kaikei is using its tactics so the royal family and minister have internal disputes; and Kaikei can take advantage of that situation. Not satisfied with the explanation, Ambhikumar asks Sushen to bring the sages to him till the next morning to prove himself not guilty. The results will be dangerous for him otherwise. Sushen sent all his men to search for those shady sages.

Will Sushen be able to find those sages? Will Ambhikumar understand that the proxy war is already begun and he is being victim of the same? Will Sushen be able to find those shady characters? And yes, what aacharya VishuGupt is doing as of now?

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