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Introduction To Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

Making a comedy TV Serial is not an easy job. Making a decent, innocent and genuinely comic soap which can be watched along with the family is even bigger challenge and there are only a few teams can do that. The team of Hats Off Production have the respect of making some good soaps and sitcoms over the years. Jamanadas Majithia (JD), Aatish Kapadiya and Deven Bhojani came with SaraBhai v/s SaraBhai in 2005 which was so hilarious and really funny that after watching it over and over again, today also if you watch any episode of the same, you will surely be at fun. We can rightfully say that it is the hilarious TV serial.

The series revolves around a Gujarati family with the last name Sarabhai. Indravadan Sarabhai is a rich, ex-director of a multinational company. He is a happy-go-lucky person with having a healthy and funny attitude to the life. He is living his retirement times with joyous time pass and making fun of his beloved wife and youngest son Rosesh.

TV Serial : Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
Writer : Aatish Kapadia
Director : Deven Bhojani
Genre : Sitcom
Starring : Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri and others

The nice thing is, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai is available on DVD set to watch at leisure and convenience.

Disc 1 (5 Episodes)

Disc 2 (5 Episodes)

  • Bachelor party
  • Monisha learns a lesson
  • Scrabble competition
  • Maya on a Cleaning Drive
  • Rosesh Falls in Love
Disc 3 (5 Episodes)

  • Indu is attracted to Koki Sharma
  • Soniya’s prediction
  • Maya’s bet with Monisha
  • Saahil’s new car
  • Indu’s Weight loss
Disc 4 (5 Episodes)

  • Lease Papers – Part I
  • Lease Papers – Part II
  • Indu & Rosesh become friends
  • Sunehri
  • Gadget-freak Dushyant
Disc 5 (5 Episodes)

  • Sahil-Monisha fight
  • Radhabai and Vitthal leave
  • Men are rational fools
  • Daughter-in-law day
  • Sibling Rivalry
Disc 6 (5 Episodes)

  • Indu gets hypnotised part – I
  • Indu gets hypnotised part – II
  • Baldev & Swaroopa Divorce
  • Rosesh’s Kidnap
  • Jaspal Mama’s Death
Disc 7 (5 Episodes)

  • Indu’s constructive play
  • Sharman Kapadia’s trobles
  • Rosesh’s confession about Rita
  • Rosesh wants to be adopted
  • Kavi Sammelan
Disc 8 (5 Episodes)

  • Maya’s Amnesia
  • Rosesh’s Accident
  • Saahil & Indu’s disagreement
  • Indravdan’s Expulsion
  • Jugalkishor & Nayesha
Disc 9 (5 Episodes)

  • Women are suspicious
  • Rosesh & Yuyu Kilawala – Part I
  • Rosesh & Yuyu Kilawala – Part II
  • Madhubai’s niece, Kismi
  • Yamraj act
Disc 10 (5 Episodes)

  • Vishal Guha’s party
  • Monisha’s makeover
  • African Chant
  • Rosesh’s bride search
  • The futurte of Sarabhai

The first episode focuses on the introduction of the main characters of the serials so people can relate with them. Sahil Sarabhai was at a beach at Goa. He was in really bad mood. He met with a writer there. And we gotta know that he ran away from his home and passing time there. On the other hand at his home his father Indravadan Sarabhai was in a joyous mood as usual and was asking someone that his son is missing again from his home. His wife, Maya was busy with her work. Sahil’s wife was very upset with the fact that Sahil didn’t inform via his cellphone also; despite from the fact that her number was free to call from Sahil’s cell.

When Indravadan tells the guy on the phone that Maya was upset as Sahil (her elder son) left the home and she got started having dandruff in her hairs. Maya gets furious and confirms by picking the phone that of course Sahil left home, but she is not having dandruff or something! Monisha was reading keenly the announcement she got published in the Tamil newspaper to call Sahil back at home. Though all know that Sahil doesn’t know Tamil and he definitely were not reading Tamil newspaper, but the advertisement rates of the newspaper made Monisha to get the published the ad there!!!

In the course of incidents we got to know the nature of all the family members one by one and the hilarious sitcom takes off! A delight to watch.

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