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Parrot or Tiger? | Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

A club party was going on. Maya was heading the operations to serve various kind of hard drinks like wine, Champagne to the ladies there. Their motto was to collect at least around 50 thousand rupees for the slum children who got addicted to drinks. To achieve their goal the ladies were ready to drink around 10 bottles of Champagne. Poor children or do we say poor ladies (or poor socialites)!!! In addition to provide humorous stuff, the TV serial works as satire too, it punches hard, very lightly to these so called socialites who does some stupid things by considering it as a social service.

If you have too much money to spend, and you do not have a genuine vision or you don’t know what actually you can do with such a large amount of wealth in the good way, you will be doing such stupid things, this is very true. Such culture do exist in high profile rich socialites. Well, we are not saying that all the rich women does that of course. There are so many genuine social works going on by such leading ladies and that is remarkable. The society actually gets a lot of benefit from the same. But we are referring to a chunk of those group who have simply a lot to spend and nothing to do.

Movie : Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
Writer : Aatish Kapadia
Director : Deven Bhojani
Genre : Sitcom
Starring : Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri and others

Anyway, the episode is not about how wealthy socialites meets at club and does some helpful(?!) stuff in the society’s interest but it plays a major role in the story of this episode. As per these women’s belief there are two kind of men the tiger and the parrot! Tiger cannot live faithfully with a single tigress ever! Polygamy is common for him. And a parrot lives entire life with a myna (canary bird). The unfaithful husbands are considered as a hot material and women love them! Seems these women actually doesn’t have much to do hence they do such analysis. When Monisha confirmed that Sahil (her husband) is faithful to him, the women there make a gig of that and shown sympathy towards Monisha by saying her that Sahil is a complete parrot! Disappointed Monisha reaches home and find Sahil doing some work and drinking milk.

Furious Monisha asked Sahil bluntly that whether he is a Parrot or a Tiger, Sahil replies, I thought I am a human!!

Interesting stuff you love to watch:

  • Maya’s announcement regarding the charity cause for the cocktail party they were gathered at, and their motto.
  • Maya’s reactions when Monisha asks her that why she is copying the actions of Sarita.
  • Sarita’s explanation about her husband’s actions with his secretary Urvashi (when he was caught red-handed with her in the bath-tub!)
  • Monisha’s reactions when she found Sahil drinking milk when she is back from the party at club.
  • Dr. Kiran’s response to Sahil’s question to her that she looks happy that day
  • Dr. Kiran’s flirting with Sahil.
  • Dushyant’s answer to Indu and Maya for their question is everything ok? When Dushyant and his wife (Maya and Indu’s daughter) comes their house at 2:00AM.
  • Same way Maya’s answer to Monisha when she asked her, anything wrong?
  • Indravadan’s expressions and response(s) to Maya when he caught talking someone on a cellphone.
  • Monisha watching Sahil getting ready for the clinic and her reaction for the choice of shirt to Sahil.
  • Dr. Kiran’s actions when she see Monisha going to Sahil’s cabin.
  • Monisha and Kiran’s conversation in Sahil’s cabin in front of Sahil, when Kiran trying flirt with Sahil openly, in presence of Monisha.

A little adult oriented episode but you can still watch it and of course you will enjoy it. The background music is an aid to the superb acting with perfect comic timing by all the cast members.

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