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Maya and Monisha’s Birthdays | Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and Reviews

When you refer a genuine comedy on TV, you cannot forget to mention Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai, a Hindi TV serial by Hats Off Productions. The situations and the acting of the lead actors is enough to make you laugh and there is no need to add some stupid masala in that. And there are no two meaning dialogs etc., so you can watch it with entire family together. It is an achievement in itself of course.

Movie : Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
Writer : Aatish Kapadia
Director : Deven Bhojani
Genre : Sitcom
Starring : Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri and others

Maya was in a good mood and preparing a cake, because it is her birthday today. Indravadan came there but as usual he was having interest in making fun only. So instead of wishing her, he tries pulling her legs. The reason he gave to not be so happy is quite funny. He asks Maya that whether she did cry when she was born. Now, as we know, every one cries when born, how could Maya be an exception. She said “yes”. That’s it. Indu says now if she was not happy because of she was born, how could he? Ha Ha.

Well, Maya didn’t expect anything from Indu other than that, by knowing his nature, but she indeed have some expectations from their sons. Indu have some other plans in his mind though. As the next days would be the birthday of Monish, Sahil’s wife, and Maya of course was not fond of her. Sahil have thought plans to take his wife Monisha to dinner on the next day, which Indu took advantage of. He reveals the plan to Maya. Jealous of Monisha, Maya also tries making Sahil emotional to spend time with her and take her to the dinner. Sahil thought to take Monisha on lunch and Maya on dinner to keep both them happy.

Monisha on other hand found some lunch coupons and offers in the newspaper, so she was quite ready to go for lunch rather than the dinner. This was making the situation easy for Sahil. But will it be so easy for Sahil to keep both Maya and Monisha happy?! And will Indravadan let the things go ahead straight-forward? What is Rosesh doing? What will he gift her mother (apart from his very own hand written poem)? All this questions are better to watch getting answered.

Some of the funny situations which irk smile are

  • Indravadan raising the reason to skip the inner of the next day as it was a cricket match at the time.
  • Indu explaining the reaon that why it will be true to call Maya a clyptomaniac.
  • When Roesh asked that he wrote a poem for her mother, Indu asks him for the gift for Maya not the poem.
  • Maya’s change of plans when she found that Monisha is OK with lunch plans.
  • Maya is trying to emotionally blackmail Sahil and Indu commented – Nirupa Roy
  • Monisha’s reactions when she heard that Mom (Maya) is ill.
  • Monisha asked Sahil, if he have bargained the fees with Dr. Rajshekhar Acharya!
  • Indu provoking Monisha about Dr. Acharya and make her call Sahil who is with her mother at Zodiac Bistro by lying to Monisha as he is going to meet Dr. Acharya with her mother.
  • The finale at Zodiac Bistro is all the way cool.

Ratna Pathk Shah and Satish Shah both are seasoned actors and worked a lot on stage together. Their chemistry shows the same. Their comedy timings are excellent. Sumeet Raghvan, Rupali Ganguly and Rajesh Kumar are playing their roles so easily that you know how talented actors they are. You see all of them as the characters rather than their own selves. Which is the biggest achievement for any actor. Direction is first rate and so does the screenplay and background score. The DVD quality is nice too.

Overall, a must watch, time pass, humorous episode. We suggest to go for it and forget the tensions.

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