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Episode #4 of US TV Series White Collar is titled as Flip of the Coin.

Looks like we have a standoff.
No, we don’t. Shoot him.
Then i’ll have you on murder, too.

TV Serial : White Collar
Created by :
# of Seasons : 6
# of Episodes : 75
(Not including episodes of Season 6)
Genre : Crime Drama
Production Companies : Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin and Warrior George Productions
Starring : Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Special Agent in Charge Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Marsha Thomason (Special Agent Diana Berrigan), Sharif Atkins (Special Agent Clinton Jones), Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Natalie Morales (Special Agent Lauren Cruz), Diahann Carroll (June Ellington), James Rebhorn (Special Agent Reese Hughes), Gloria Votsis (Alexandra Hunter), Alexandra Daddario (Kate Moreau), Treat Williams (James Bennett/Sam Phelps), Ross McCall (Matthew Keller), Judith Ivey (Ellen Parker), Noah Emmerich (Special Agent Garrett Fowler), Andrew McCarthy (Vincent Adler), Titus Welliver (Senator Terrance Pratt), Emily Procter (Assistant Special Agent in charge Amanda Callaway), Mark Sheppard (Curtis Hagen), Bridget Regan (Rachel Turner/Rebecca Lowe), and others…
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This episode is focused on moving of some stolen Egyptian Artifacts from Iraq to US. Let us explore the plot here.

Book Plot:

The days are not so different for Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey. They were, actually Peter was looking into an important matter and Neal was assisting him. And yes, as you know, when get time, Neal tries some flirting as well 🙂 And yes, during all the incidents, there are punchlines to go for. For example look at this conversation:

Peter: Let’s grab his company’s financial records from last year — they’re on file.
Neal: You want me to do it?
We have clerks for that.
Peter: I got something better.I got you.

Moving ahead in the episode we see Elizabeth came to visit Peter with her friend Dana; whom Peter also knew. Actually Dana’s husband John Mitchell was considered as a suspect in a case. While searching Peter got to knew that FBI have issued an arrest warrant for John in a case of moving and possessing some ancient stolen Egyptian Artifacts from Iraq to US.

While watching these incidents, the two scenes will make more impact on you.

  • When Elizabeth enters the FBI office with Dana, Jones (who was talking with Peter about a case) assumes that Dana is Peter’s girlfriend and there was a crossover between she and Elizabeth. He even advise Peter to keep separate cell-phones for both :). (Now we know Peter, we can be sure how the scene could have ended).
  • During the conversation in the office how Elizabeth and Peter tries involving Neal in the conversation to pick his/her side.

John, claiming that he was innocent, surrenders to Peter and asks him to check with Patrick Ames. John claims that Ames asked him to bring some good from Iraq to US, which he disagree and Ames works with state department.

On one hand the fingerprints of John are everywhere on the artifacts, the chances of him to not be guilty are less. And at the same time, during the conversation Peter came to a conclusion that there is a possibility that he is framed.

There is a chain of incidents this point forward till the case is resolved and truth was uncovered. But talking about that will reveal the content of the episode and it will then affect your experience when you actually watch it. So let us not reveal it.

Summarized Views and Reviews about various aspects of the episode:

The script plays vital role in the success of any media and TV Serials are no exception to that. The crime dramas require even more attention. They should be fast paced and thrilling at the same time. The story here have not much of a suspense factor. I mean, there is a suspense but the viewers have slight hint of the same. However the way it uncovers, is executed well. Here the credit goes to the director who weaves the script so effectively.

Adding to the same two important factors which played positive roles for this episode are, the dialogs and the visuals. You will surely enjoy quick one-liners like:

Don’t play games with me. You’re with the FBI.
Technically,i’m just a consultant. She’s with the FBI.

Here sometimes you think that it could have been better if the dialog delivery was a little slow paced (like Arnold Schwarzenegger movies). The background music is worth mention. It creates the mood so effectively. The locales are filmed pretty well. The balance of indoor and outdoor shoots is really well managed. The quick one-liners are effective too.

The casting director’s role is very important as ultimately actors are the one which are shown on the screen and executing the scenes. They are the centre of the focus, so if they doesn’t perform well, it all fails. Here the actors are chosen pretty nicely. Of course the focus is on Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer; and they doesn’t disappoint. In fact both of them are looking like the characters they are playing. You cannot imagine anyone else playing these roles. And that is their success as actors. You may have your favorite amongst them, but to me, both them are equally competent.

Tiffani Thiessen is fabulous as Elizabeth and the actress playing Dana slips into her role pretty easily. You may think to have someone else to be chosen for the role of the head of White Collar division. However the director might have thought of taking a very senior person here. Overall, the performances are pretty good.

Various scenes leave impact, for example see how Neal and Peter behaves when they visit the news channel office while finding the clues for the case. The hubby-wifey lovey-dovey and tick-tack between Peter and Elizabeth is charming. And yes, Matt have the Charisma required for the character he play, and Tim looks like an FBI agent for sure.

The audio and video quality is worth going for. You will really enjoy the visuals on the screen.

These philosophical lines are interesting too:

It’s about doing what we want to do.
Who cares about 9-to-5’s and 401k’s?
Playing by the rules only makes borders that just take away everything that’s good about living life.

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If crime dramas and police procedurals are your cup of tea, then this is something you will really enjoy watching.

Did you watch this TV Series? Are you curious to watch it? If crime drama is what you like this thriller have something to enjoy for you. We will love to hear your remarks as always. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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