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Fauji | Episode 12 Reviews | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

While talking about Episode 11 of Hindi TV Serial – Fauji – we took a note about the content of the same, and thus we know that the Commandoes of Indian army are now behind enemy lines. Let us move ahead and see what Episode 12 brought to us.

TV Serial :
Producer : Colonel Raj Kapoor
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Writer :
Director : Colonel Raj Kapoor
Editor : Milin Kapoor
Starring : Rakesh Sharma, Aamina S. Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manjula Avatar, Vikram Chopra, Gautam Bhradwaj, Vishwajeet Pradhan, A. Kannan, Sonal Dabral, Nikhil Dewan, Ranbir Singh, Sanjay Mittal, Narendra Ardhawa, Kamati Anwar, Ajay Gehan, Sanjay Taneja, Anupama Sahni, and others…
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Before talking about the content of this episode however I wish to convey something personal though. While watching this episode I seriously thought that it is easy to be at the comfort of home or office and talk about the soldiers and their mission, it will be tougher to understand the possible situation they went through and filming it on celluloid, but seriously, one cannot even imagine the hard and harsh realities they went though (unless one went through the same). Watching the soldiers doing their best for the country makes you proud and emotional at the same time. Kudos to the real heroes.

The commandoes (or “the boys” as their superior call them :)) move ahead in their plan and successfully blast the place targeted. It is very good news right? It is, indeed. But the enemy country have their army too. After seeing the disaster they also get furious and started taking counter-steps, which resulted into injury of one of the commandoes.

After getting the news about the success of the mission, the superiors send a chopper to bring them back to the Indian territories safely.

For this segment we feel that the war scenes (especially blasts) are filmed quite impressively and realistically. We can also feel that Abhimanyu was breathing heavily while instructing his fellows, as a sign of the hard efforts they put in. On the other line we feel that this dialog delivery could be a little more impressive. The scene where we see the officer of enemy country talking about the blast and the counter actions, it looks unimpressive.

The scene where Vikram and his fellow instructor talks, we got to know that the chopper, which was sent to bring the commandoes back, came back without them! The commandoes were unable to reach to the target spot at the desired time. Vikram (who went with the chopper) have waited additional 30 minutes for them, but he found no signs of them.

It gives us the feeling of discontinuity. If there was a scene where Vikram and his fellow officer wait for the team “fauji” along with the chopper, it could have been much better.

The scene where both the officers talk about the abilities of the commandoes, meant to explore two stuffs. One, the abilities of the commandoes and two, the feelings of Vikram for his brother.

The love tracks are also going on. Some viewers may feel it quite distracting or filmy, but, one needs to understand that the soldiers are real human beings like us. When their loved ones know that they are on very tough mission behind the enemy lines, they worry for them, obviously. We all felt that our parents, siblings, spouse, children feel quite uncomfortable and concerned about our well being, when we are in tough situation, the same applies to the brave soldiers and their loved ones too. The scene where Vikram talks to Madhu (over the phone) and calms her down and affirm that everything is well with Abhi, is a very emotional scene (without any melodrama).

The gun battle is filmed with very dim lighting and gives feeling of watching black-and-white movie/TV show. Actually it makes it more realistic. The mission was performed in the night, as disguise is needed, the scenes could not have been filmed with bright lighting.

The conversation between Abhimanyu (aka Abhi) and wounded Yasin is worth watching. The philosophy of religions, situations, truth, emotions, and much more is covered in so simple yet effective manner. This is how a truly educated and mature man thinks.

This episode also explores the “real friendship” between the commandoes. It makes us realise the real friendship is about taking care of each-other without thinking of any return favor. It is truly said that “a friend in need, is a friend indeed”. It is not only about just following someone on social network, sending him/her likes and comments or sending bulk SMSes, it is much much more than that.

We wish that the dubbing could have been of better quality. As we are used to viewing HD content these days, you may find the video quality a little poor. Some actors are really convincing, but many of them are not the seasoned (or experienced) actors and often you may find the acting, below expectation level. The content of the TV Serial and the way it is filmed (especially the authenticity and simplicity), makes it worth watching. And yes, one needs to look into the life of the real guards of the countries which makes the comfortable life possible for all the Indians; and appreciate them.

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