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Fauji | Episode 11 Reviews | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode #11 of Hindi TV Serial Fauji explores the initial phase of the real commando mission by moving forward the story from where it was left in Episode #10.

TV Serial :
Producer : Colonel Raj Kapoor
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Writer :
Director : Colonel Raj Kapoor
Editor : Milin Kapoor
Starring : Rakesh Sharma, Aamina S. Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manjula Avatar, Vikram Chopra, Gautam Bhradwaj, Vishwajeet Pradhan, A. Kannan, Sonal Dabral, Nikhil Dewan, Ranbir Singh, Sanjay Mittal, Narendra Ardhawa, Kamati Anwar, Ajay Gehan, Sanjay Taneja, Anupama Sahni, and others…
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Team Fauji is on mission under the command of Abhimanyu. And it is a real commando mission inside the Pakistan territories. It is not a filmy one so not to be taken lightly, nor it is melodramatic. As the TV Serial is made by Col. Kapoor, the touch of authenticity is there. It is filmed quite simply and more realistic manner which works in favour of the episode. However a few actors are not so convincing and even ShahRukh’s dialog delivery is not like the one of a man leading a commando mission. Those who like to watch simple yet good content and are patriot at heart, will surely love it without doubt.

How the commandoes land into the enemy land and plan their mission is filmed well. The dialogs are good (including some “armed force”‘s vocabulary) but sometimes you wish for better execution of the same.

The scene where the commandoes are talking about their personal lives while catching some rest, is not that emotionally convincing as it should be. The commandoes trailing the soldiers of the enemy land is filmed well though. The real locations (rather than the sets) makes it a good watch.

The scene where we see the daughter of the army general is given the assignment of war correspondent is written nicely. Again some of the expression-less dialog deliveries make it less impactful. Sometimes you feel that the actors are simply delivering the dialogs without showing any expressions. This scene have such moments.

The background music is relevant and effective for sure. The script is written nicely. It is of course able to hold the viewers throughout. You may not find the DVD quality quite convincing enough in terms of both audio and video. As these days we are watching HD video and quality surround sound audio, you will surely compare it with the TV serial. The DVD quality is otherwise comparatively good, but the content was filmed with the old technology which was available those days.

Overall a nice episode, which shows a realistically filmed commando mission, no melodrama. A couple of good performance and good dialogs makes it worth watching.

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