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Episode 7 – TenaliRama Hindi TV Serial | Wit And Wisdom Tales | DVD Reviews

Episode #7 of Hindi TV Serial Tenali Rama is complete in its own and you can watch it regardless of whether you watched the previous episode or not.

TV Serial :
Tenali Rama
Producer : T. S. Narasimhan
Director : T. S. Nagabharana
Based On : Short stories by
Screenplay :
Script :
Dialogs :
Editor : Suresh Urs
Music : L. Vydyanathan
Camera : Mallikarjuna
Starring : Master Kartik, Nagini Bharana, Shreepathi Ballal, Kishori Ballal, and others…
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This episode explores a tale about “after death rituals”. King KrishnaDevaRaya’s mother met with her death and hence he was deep buried in the sorrows. When he was consoled with the words of wisdom he tried to get out of this sad situation. But, still there is one thing which kept him occupied with sorrows; and that is, the last wish of his mother. In her last days her mother wished to eat mangoes. As the season of the mangoes was a far away in the future, the king was unable to arrange any.

Now the wise men have answers for all the questions right?! The pundits have tried finding solution(s) for this problem, when got to know about it.

The entire scene where all the brahmins are discussing the solution to the problem and how they reach to a conclusion is filmed nicely. This scene is one of the highest point of the episode and there are no two thoughts about it. The dialogs for this scene are written nicely. It’s realistic representation is the key factor of it’s effectiveness. We see such stuff being happened in our surround, even on today (comparatively at lower rate)!

The after-death rituals are initiated very thoughtfully. The main aim of starting such stuff is to help people associated with the tragic event, to get out of the same, and move them positively towards the real life. Most of such rituals takes care of almost all the classes of the society and helps the economy running well. And of course, the emotional bondage between the people get even stronger due to their emotional interaction.

But, then introduced some selfish ways to earn money using emotional factor in such situations. For example (spoiler ahead), the council of the wise(!) decide that as the late mother of queen was died with incomplete wish of eating mangoes – the king should donate mangoes to the worthy brahmins as a tribute. It is fine, but the mango season is still very far in the future! So, the solution is to get the mangoes made from pure gold(!!!) and give them to the brahmins as the part of tribute-donation!

While making so many mangoes from pure gold, the goldsmith got tired as he had to work throughout to meet the deadline! He thus went to the bank of the river to do some physical exercise and get some relaxation. This scene is not very effective. Here he meets Tenali Rama and thus Rama got to know about this entire incident. Curious to do social reform by getting rid of such irrelevent customs which are self-imposed by some so-called spiritual knowledge possessors, he decided to move himself into the matter.

What he does is the rest of the episode.

This segment is better to explore by watching it rather than discussing about it. It is a well thought episode with good intentions. This episode is written nicely and have flairs of acting especially by Vijay and Anang. A couple of other actors are convincing too. However some of them are poor performers. Even the dubbings shows South Indian accent for several characters, which is also a downside. The DVD quality is comparatively good. But you will find the background music a little louder. The title song is not very effective too.

The content is really good and it conveys a very good message, and that is why the episode is definitely worth watching despite of some small downsides.

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