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Dekh Bhai Dekh Hindi TV Serial On DVD Nineth Episode Reviews

Episode #9 of Hindi Sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh focuses on the quest to find pink letters and Sageer Deewana!

TV Serial :
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Executive Producers : Jaya Bachchan, AB Corp
Director :
Anand Mahendru
Writers : Rajeev Agarwal, Liliput, Parvati Walia, Vipul Shah, Maya Balse
Music : Udit Narayan, Ajit Singh, Raju Singh
Starring : Sushma Seth, N K Shivpuri, Navin Nischol, Farida Jalal, Shekhar Suman, Bhavna Balsavar, Amar Upadhyay, Deven Bhojani, Vishal Singh, Nattasha Singh, Sunny Singh, Karishma Aacharya, Rakesh Thareja, Daisy Irani, Liliput, Divya Sheth, Benu Kalsi, Shammi, Urvashi Dholakiya, Santosh Gupta, Ritu Sharma, Raju Shrivastav, and others…

We see that Suhasini’s mother was in charge of the kitchen and home now and she is trying to fulfill her duties very keenly. And to support her Kareema is always there when it comes to fun (for him). We got to know that Suhasini went to Singapore for some business related work (she run a beauty parlor). And Kareema is also going on a mini-vacation which is pre-scheduled, so Suhasini asked her mother to take care of home and family in her absence.

Suhasini’s mother’s attempt to take care of everyone started with making the kids(!) drink milk twice a day compulsory. Sanju don’t like to do it and so does Kirti. That creates some funny moments for example we see Kareema enjoying dragging Sanju to the dining table and Kirti commenting on Sanju “Small babby is drinking milk”. Its genuine laughter with no vulgarity.

At the same time Sunita’s mother enters. She came directly from Hongkong (no, she is not staying there, she was there simply to visit some stuff) and brought stuff for everyone in the family (Sanju, Kirti, Sunita and others), so kids love her. Now both the mother-in-laws of Deewan family are there in the Deewan house, under one roof. Both are trying to prove as she is most genuine, loving, caring and important fellow and better than the other. Which leads to some witty dialogs and funny situations.

Sunita’s mother finally meet Sunita and asks her about her well being. When Sunita asked that why Sameer is not with her (as Sameer was to pick his mother-in-law from the airport, as per the plan), she replied that he didn’t came to airport. She also tells her that she went to Sameer’s office also, before coming home, but he wasn’t there either. She also suggest Sunita to keep an eye on her husband Sameer, as doesn’t think he is more loyal to her. She advises her daughter (Sunita) to not to trust her man blindly. Then she was in kind of taunting conversation with Suhasini’s mother which Sunita tried willfully to stop. Kareema suggest not to doubt (Sameer), as doubting each other breaks the bond of relation from within. What a noble thought!!

When Sunita praise him for his noble thought and asked that how come he (being a servant) tell a big thing like this, this is supposed to be the thought(s) of a writer like her. Kareema’s answer is even more punchy. He says… Well, it is better to let you hear that when you watch the episode, rather than spilling beans.

Sameer comes home and he look very delightful and relived (as he thought that her mother-in-law missed the flight and she is not arrived!). He asks Sunita that he didn’t find her mother at the airport, joyously. But, to his disappointment his mother-in-law is there, in front of him! The dialogs here are also satirical. You will enjoy the same. Balraj enters home who greeted Sameer’s mother-in-law, though he couldn’t recall who she is!

Kareema is going for the vacation and the ladies of the Deewan house are bidding adieu to him. Insisting him to come back as earlier as possible. (Because till he come back, they need to do the regular work at home on their own). At the same moment a postman came and delivered some letters. Now this is a normal and regular task. But there was one letter in the pink cover, which smells something different! So Sunita’s mother asked her to check the same. However after opening the letter they found that the letter is written in Urdu. And none of them know Urdu. Sunita’s mother asked her to ask Sameer for the same (she started doubting his son-in-law for some affair!). However Sunita affirms that Sameer doesn’t know Urdu. But her mother insists to ask him. Anyway, when Sameer came home he was asked the same, to everyone’s amazement(!!) Sameer knows Urdu. He reads the letter and it is a love-letter.

Does Sameer have an extra-marital affair? Does Balraj has to do anything with this (as his wife is not home)? Will the mother-in-laws worrying for their daughters be able to find the culprit? It is worth to watch.

As usual the acting of the main cast is superb and the comic timings are just perfect. This makes us realize how Deven Bhojani came out as a nice director of SitCom. As he have the talent needed and worked with such nice team early in his career. Navin Nischol, Bhavna Balsavar, Shammy, Shekhar Suman,… all does really nice work. A nice Sitcom which you can watch with entire family and you realize that most of the incident you found being happened in your surrounding. Our suggestion… go for it!

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