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Episode 4 onwards – Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

Following the path shown by an elder aacharya and implanted with the morals, ethics and other positive attributes, Vishnu decided to leave PataliPutra. But before leaving he wanted to pay his Guru-Dakshina – the debt to the teacher. He tried collect a cow from someone so he can give it to his Guru. However everyone was scared from DhanaNand and no one was ready to help this son of Chanak.

A lady however asked Vishnu come to the stable of cows from the backdoor and collect a cow. Vishnu have high ideas of personal honor and what could be done and what could not be. He refused the offer by saying the lady that thanks for the offer but as your husband didn’t want me to collect it from your home, I cannot. He didn’t want the lady to be in any problematic situation. If a person can show such high ethics for the honor of others, in such a small age, he definitely have the ability to change the fate of not himself or his family but entire state or country when become a youth, if given proper guidance and support.

Vishnu finally was unable to pay the GuruDakshina and had to leave Pataliputra that way. But he didn’t ran away. He went to meet his teacher and asked him that he is not capable to pay GuruDakshina but seek his blessings as he is leaving, that one day he should be able to pay his debt to his teacher. He that picks the dust of the motherland and paid it a respect because जननी जनमभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरियसी. He then before leaving was called by the parrot who was caged. Vishnu got him free. A real good symbolism that a bird got free from cage, same for Vishnu?! Is he actually got free from the cage of DhanaNand to make himself capable to write the fate of himself, PataliPutra, Magadh or entire Aaryavart?!

Aacharya Chanak have stopped taking any food and how many days a fellow can live without taking any input. The stuff happened, which usually happens in the situation. On the other hand Vishnu left PataliPutra and his two close friend Ajay and Kartikey were unhappy with this depart. The son of Vakranas, Katyayan was studying outside Pataliputra was with him when the soldiers of Chanak’s custody came inform him. It was decided to declare that Chanak sent out of the premises of Pataliputra. Katyayan raised some serious questions to Vakranas and asked him that one day the anger of the citizens of Magadh will create a blast and no traitor could save himself then. How true was Katyayan! And he have guts to tell the truth. Katyayan will late became Maha-Amatya of Magadh and based on his ruthlessness he was often referred as Rakshas.

What will be the future of Vishnu? What will be the fate of Vakranas? How will Shaktar react to Milind who took Shaktar into custody on DhanaNand’s order? Importantly what will be the fate of Pataliputra and Magadh? These are some of the questions that the episode 4 is trying to answer by showing the events followed.

The dialogs when Vakranas came to meet Shaktar and offer him the post of prime or chief minister, shows the character of Shaktar. The sets are realistic and you see the streets, the houses, the chariots, the uniforms of the soldiers, their turbans everything is showing rather realistic stuff based on research, then the splendid stuff like a myth. The characters are explored really well and it makes it feel really visiting the history. Even the questions arise that are we seeing the history? Aren’t this kind of stuff actually happens in our surrounding. Any village/city/state/country have the same basic problems, same mentality of citizens, same way of raising a leader and same way he had to pass through the anger of the ruler… We human beings must have the better brains than the other species but we usually not learn from the history and the surroundings proves that. We have time to watch such stuff and admire it, but doesn’t have the time to act on it. If the souls will be awakened, such splendid stuff, sacrifices given by many known-unknown fellow to make it a civilized society will be paid back.

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