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Google is shutting down more services as part of Spring cleaning | Tech News

Google.com was just a search engine. Now actually it has so many products, from maps to messenger, social networking to payment, language translation to videos and many more!

It is also true that Google keeps shutting down so many products in its periodical cleaning drive on regular intervals. The interesting work culture Google has introduced is giving some specific amount of official time to the employees to explore their ideas and innovations. Some of such ideas resulted into some great products too. In the same way a wide spectrum Google have covered in terms of products and became an IT company which focuses many things other than its core product(s).

However arguably another good thing at Google is, when it see some products are not working as expected in terms of performance, market or other reasons; it shuts down the same. Google runs this cleaning drive periodically. It helps it to focus of the newly thought products belongs to the emerging technology in terms of money, resources and time all. For this cleaning session the following are the services decided to shut down.

Google Mini:
It was part of enterprise search since 2005.
It will discontinue from July 31.
Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search can be used as better alternative (Same way Google have closed its co-op search versions to Google CSE).

Google Talk Chatback:
It was launched on Monday, February 25, 2008.
This tool was intended for webmaster, who can integrate their Google Talk account to the web site and interact with the website visitors.
As Google acquired Meboo now, it encourages users use “Meebo bar” instead.

Google Video:
It already stopped let user upload videos since 2009.
It will discontinue from August 10.
Not needed to mention that YouTube is the service, Google recommends in stead.

It was launched in 2005 and it can be considered the force behind the customized websites and apps we see today, allowing users to interact with the website and its appearance.
It will be discontinued from November 1, 2013.
Naturally Android and Chrome are the driving forces now.

Symbian Search App
This will be retiring soon, no specific date revealed so far.
Obviously Google Search to be used in stead.

What you think about this clean up? You are welcome to share your views.

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