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Episode 2 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki – Reviews and Video

We saw that the real Padmini [Sonia Rakkar] is captured by the soldiers of Param Veer Singh [Shiva] by considering her as the spy aaiyar of Shiv Dutt [Puneet Issar]. Seems, he was convinced by the fake Padmini that she is real and the real Padmini is prooved fake. Khudabaksh- who transformed himself as Padmini- earned the trust of Paramveer and asks him about his future plans indirectly. Paramveer reveals that it is a top secret that only she knows that they have sent a large army to the fort of ShivGadh and it is spreaded on boundary of the same. It is ready to siege the fort and if ShivDutt will try attacking ChunarGadh, he will have met with his death.

Chapala [Sheetal Shah] comes to ParamVeer and asks him that he made a mistake and captured real Padmini and sent her to custody. How can he was able to identify her who served him for years? ParamVeer asks her that she knows who is real and who is fake. He also asks Chapala to remember with who she is arguing and ask her to not to cross the limits. Chapala says “I know you are the strongest minister of ChunarGadh who serves on the top most post, but the truth is you made a mistake in identifying your loyal one”. ParamVeer went to met Padmini into the custody, and order to release her. He then reveals that, he already identified real Padmini. He also know the fake Padmini is no one but KhudaBaksh – an aaiyar of Pt. Jagannath [Rajendra Gupta]. He also tells that he fed false information into him. He know that he is already left for ShivGadh where he will tell as I said him and thus ShivDutt will drop his plan to attack ChunarGadh as ShivGadh is surrounded by army of Virendra Singh [Santosh Shukla] – though it is not true.

When KhudaBaksh conveys the inside information of ChunarGadh, pt. Jagannath thought, he was correct in the thought that this is not the right time to attack ChunarGadh. He also know that the army of VirendraSingh is not only bigger but at the point of time better by all means then the same of Shiv Dutt. He then decides to meet Shiv Dutt to convey the message.

In Chunargadh, ParamVeer Singh and Padmini meets ViredraSingh and Chandrakanta to convey the details of the incidents happened recently. Chandrakanta found this is unacceptable that ParamVeer have left the already captured aaiyar of the opponent and let him free. Padmini supports her. Though VirendraSingh was happy with this intelligent move of ParamVeer Singh. He declares it was the smartest way to fed wrong information to the opponents and avoid the deadly battle. He also reveals that, when he fought the last deadly battle with ShivDutt, in which Shiv Dutt lost everything but ShivGadh, he saw a lot of innocent people and soldiers from both the side killed. He swear then to not to kill anyone. Chandrakanta was angry and asks that she couldn’t believe that Shiv Dutt will ever think to overcome the rivalry. He will attack ChunarGadh for sure. Chandrakanta also ask VirendraSingh that will he not fought the battle in such case also? VirendraSingh then declares that his auth is never bigger then the lives of the citizens of ChunarGadh, if he will find them in danger, he will surely fought.

Pt. Jagannath meets Shiv Dutt and explained him the situation. He also asks him that at this point of time, it is not advisable to declare the war. It is better to wait for the right time for the same. ShivDutt was starving to take some actions and asks Pt. Jagannath to find and call Badrinath so they can start playing the games the way Jagannath suggest. Jagannath asks BhanuPratap Singh the whereabout of Badrinath and asks him to find him. At the time Badrinath [Mamik], was fighting a battle with SuryaBhan Singh, the aaiyar of Virendra Singh, and his men. He kills all them one by one. BhanuPratap found him and delivered the message. Badrinath confirms to see him the next morning at ShivDutt’s court.

The sets are good and the canvas is glorious. The events are crafted properly. Seems the costumes of almost the actors are oversize to them. Those only of Shikha Swaroop are found proper. Puneet Issar’s wardrobe is proper but the snakes on shoulders look funny. Almost all costumes hav too much use of reg-zine and other glossy materials. The jewellery looks picked from footpath. Shikha swaroop looks gorgeous but her hairstyle and wrinkles in her neck and dimples sets her back. Rajendra Gupta is into the character. Puneet Issar is convincing. Mamik’s front teeth looks a little awkward, so with a band from his shoulder to waist; it looks improper. Shiva lacks expertise in dialog delivery (as he may never have encountered such long dialogs in past). Other have tried to play their part honestly. When Santosh Shukla tries to roar (showing his guts I mean) he looks funny. There is no chemistry between the lead pair. The title song is sung by Shan and Pragna Pramita, it is nice on ears. In short it is a marvelous tale, gorgeously canvased, highly tried to make better, lacks soul.

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