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Books by J Dey | Take a View

Jyotirmoy dey or J Dey was a crime reporter associated with MidDay (a tabloid) Mumbai. Recently he was assassinated by unidentified shooters. Day was famous for his crime reports. The reports by him were considered authentic and it is also came to know that some times even people in uniform also consulted him for some tip.

Dey have written two books on underworld activities, which were praised and grab attention of people. Specifically those who love to read or research about the real things happened in underworld and the stuff associated with it.

1. Zero Dial : The dangerous world of informers

Informers are the ears and eyes of police and other authorities to get the latest and reliable tips about the target. Actually in underworld also several gangs hire/pay informers to get the desired informaiton. The world of informers is full of danger. Their shield is their anonymity. They could not get any praise or award or honour in order to keep their annonymity. They risk their lives and of course gets handsome rewards for whatever they provide. As Dey met several acutal informer and have good contacts with them. The information he put up onto the pages is considered as realistic and reliable.

The story runs over the bad world, the world of crimes of almost all categories. The chase for India’s most wanted terrorist and how the life of three informers of police collide in the same. As there is no one to trust blindly, they need to believe their luck only and of course in their abilities to hide from the dangers waiting for them.

2. Khallaas – An A To Z Guide To The Underworld

If we consider the people in uniform as white, the gangsters and other shady characters as black then we must think about the informers as grey. They found themselves living in the grey zone. Neither they are white nor they are black. But they are important for both and sometimes considered as danger by both. The underworld has its own language. They have some smart words and phrases which are used as code names for various things like arms, money, kill. Some of them, as we learn from the book are A shooter is considered as an “artist”, “Zero dial” mean informer etc.
This is a business and there is there are risk and profit, and but of course the competition is also no exception. The city is like jungle and the law of “survival of the fittest” applies here also. There are some breathtaking incidents took place in the story. Which makes it an interesting “go for”.

The books will be liked by those who love action thrillers associated with realistic stuff. You may sometimes compare the incident with several movies (or some scenes specifically portrayed there). Of course you should not compare the chase or thrills with what you have visited in Bourne series or Bond series (books and films both); it will be expecting high from the books based on realistic stuff.

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