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Details And Reviews For Episode 3 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki

As promised, Badrinath [Mamik] comes to Shiv Dutt’s [Puneet Issar] court the next day. Where Shiv Dutt greets him and tells him that he is happy to see him after long time. He then informs Badrinath the current situation. Pt. Jagannath [Rajendra Gupta] informs that Virendra Singh [Santosh Shuka] have cornered the fort of ShivGadh with his army from every side. Badrinath affirms his best efforts for Shiv Dutt and ShivGadh both. He then represents the head of SuryaBhan Singh, a remarkable warrior of ChunarGadh (and Virendra Singh), which he bring by winning the fight over him and cutting him down into two, the previous day. Shiv Dutt and others were overwhelmed with the same.

In ChunarGadh ParamVeer [Shiva] meets Virendra Singh and Chandrakanta [Shikha Swaroop] along with Padmini and others and informs him that the soldiers of Chunargadh found dead body of SuryaBhan Singh in the jungle. He also reveals that the dead body was missing the head and confirms that only Bardrinath could have done that. Chandrakanta and Virendra Singh both gets angry on the same. ParamVeer then seek the permission to fought and kill Badrinath in the revenge, which was granted to him.

KrurSingh[Shailendra Singh] meets Badrinath and try to convince him that he was missing him desperately and he belived by heart that brave Badrinath is the only hope for Shiv Dutt and Shiv Gadh both. He then tries crossing his limit by telling that Pandit Jagannath is always prevent Shiv Dutt from declaring the war and advices him to follow the intelligence and planned shadow attacks on the opponent. He represent the stuff in a way so Pt. Jagannath can be considered inappropriate for holding such remarkable post in ShivGadh. Though, Badrinath not only refused to believe him but also confronts him to not to speak a word against such a noble and dedicated man, who scarifies not only his body but his soul in the interest of Shiv Dutt. Krur continues his planning though by seeking an apology from Badrinath. On the way Badri meets Nayantara [Krutika Desai] and both are found happy by seeing each other. Both respect each other for the loyalty they have shown towards Shiv Dutt in the dark times also. Nayantara asks Badri about his whereabouts in recent past and Badri reveals the stuff. When Badri leave, we got to know that it was Padmini who transformed herself as NayanTara. She got the confirmation that SuryaBhan is killed by Badrinath.

Padmini, in a meeting with ParamVeer, Chandrakanta and VirendraSingh, reveals whatever she found. They then decide the next step. Badrinath and pt. Jagannath meets Shiv Dutt on the other side, and confirms their future plans. ParamVeer goes to meet ChandiNath [Vinod Kapur] to seek advise on and finalize the future actions. ChandiNath on the other hand was thinking to get the actual power instead of serving Virendra Singh for his whole life. He advised ParamVeer as well to change the side, as Shiv Dutt is getting stronger day by day. Got hurt by listening what was flowing inside Chandi’s brain, Param threatens him and confirms that he is not killing him or taking into his custody only because he need to seek Virendra Singh’s permission in the matter. He then goes back to the palace to meet Virendra Singh. The rivalry between ParamVeer and ChandiNath developed with this incident. Chandi was happy to think that this incident will make Shiv Dutt thinking in favor of him, and he will make a remarkable place in his mind.

Pt. Jagannath meets Shiv Dutt to tell him that a secret message from ChunarGadh received which reveals that Chandi have declared his support for ShivDutt openly and betrayed Virendra Singh. Shiv Dutt was not convinced with the same thought. He was not ready to believe Chandi who change his thoughts when wind changes the side to blow. Jagannath advises him there is no harm to meet Chandi once and give him a chance to serve Shiv Gadh. If it is found that Chandi is not reliable he can be sidelined any time. This is the matter to take a chance of. ShivDutt permits Pt. Jagannath to meet Chandi if he found him of any use but refuse that he will meet Chandi in any case.

We have discussed a lot about the acting and persona of the lead pairs and the sets and canvas of the TV Serial Kahani Chandra Ki in the review(s) of previous episodes, which remains true here as well, so not repeating the same. I must say Vinod Kapur is the most convincing actor and he plays the character of ChandiNath effortlessly. He can be compared with Rajendra Gupta who play Pt. Jagannath in terms of the persona he brings on the canvas. One of the very few actors in the crowd who needs to get applause. Special effects are good at some points but it look childish when Badrinath represents the head of SuryaBhan Singh to ShivDutt. The head in the disc does not look convincing as it keeps moving a little, and we clearly notice the aftereffects are not smooth. Those who want to watch it for the sole purpose of enjoyment and going to watch it by sidelining the critic inside, will love to watch it.

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