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Reviews For Pilot Episode Of Person Of Interest TV Series (Season 1)

While during the days of Doordarshan, the versatility of subjects among TV Serials was quite evident, which is not the same case these days despite of having hundreds of TV channels aired almost 24×7. People who love to watch quality TV Shows are thus rightly remember those old days as the golden period of Indian Television.

Of course, it is not the thing that everything aired these days is crap or there is no versatility of content. There are some genuinely good TV serials aired but, the ratio is low. The rise of the Internet and especially E-Commerce made it possible for everyone to enjoy reading/watching/playing various International media.

We have found one good TV Serial named Person Of Interest available on Amazon India. And we have introduced you to it in this article. Today we are going to give you our genuine and unbiased reviews for the first episode of Person Of Interest.

Person Of Interest : Season one opening voice-over by Harold Finch

Person Of Interest : Season one opening voice-over by Harold Finch

The episode is written by Jonathan Nolan who is known for his skills. He and his brother Christopher Nolan gave us many masterpieces. So let us go ahead and check the metal of Person Of Interest in terms of quality.

TV Serial : Person Of Interest
Genre : Crime drama, Science fiction, Action
Created by : Jonathan Nolan
Written by :
Executive producer(s) : Jonathan Nolan, Greg Plageman, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Denise Thé, Chris Fisher
Producer(s) : Athena Wickham, Margot Lulick, Kathy Lingg, Stephen Semel, Erik Mountain,
Editor(s) : Scott Lerner, Scott Powell, Ryan Malanaphy, Ray Daniels III, Mark Conte
Cinematography : Gonzalo Amat, Stephen McNutt, Manuel Billeter, Teodoro Maniaci, David Insley
Episode Title :
Episode Director : David Semel
Episode Writer :
Aired on : Sep 22, 2011
Starring : Jim Caviezel (John Reese), Michael Emerson (Harold Finch), Taraji P. Henson (Detective Jocelyn “Joss” Carter), Kevin Chapman (Detective Lionel Fusco), Amy Acker (Root), Sarah Shahi (Sameen Shaw),

Leon Addison Brown (Charles Robinson), Chris Chalk (Lawrence Pope), Jermaine Crawford (Michael Pope), Michael Drayer (Anton O’Mara), James Hanlon (Detective James Stills), Brian d’Arcy James (James Wheeler), Kristine Johnson (herself), Gregory Lay (Transit cop), Bruce MacVittie (Defense Attorney), Anthony Mangano (Detective Kane), Susan Misner (Jessica Arndt), Charlie Moss (Judge), Kevin Murphy (Anton’s friend), Alfredo Narciso (Forensic Tech), William Sadler (Seamus O’Mara), Wolfgang Scheitinger (Henry Wheeler), Louis Vanaria (Detective Louis Azarello), Natalie Zea (Diane Hanson), and others…

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Book Plot:

We meet John Reese on a train. John Reese used to work with Delta Force and then served other armed forces of US. He was an expert (obviously) in various war techniques and hand to hand combat. He is good with a variety of weapons.

He was considered dead after a mission and now living life of a vagrant in New York city. A bunch of hot-headed teenagers came to ride the same train and eventually gets into the same coach Reese was traveling into. The group has made Reese furious and they got a response in their language!

John was taken to police custody. But before Homicide detective Carter can confront him further for some other crimes which could have been committed by him, he was extracted from the police custody!

We got to know that Harold Finch was behind Reese’ release.

Harold Finch is a very wealthy businessman but not much about him is known. He is a very secretive guy who likes to keep his privacy intact. We later found that he has many aliases and mostly use a bird’s name as a surname in all them.

Who is Harold and why he got Reese extracted from the police custody is unfold through various incidents in the episode. Of course, the episode reveals only a limited about information about the protagonists and keep adding to it in future episodes as the tale progress.

Harold is a genius who has worked on developing “the machine” (a software) after 9/11 tragedy for the US government. The machine gets input from various surveillance cameras and other means of digital communication and analyzes the data. It then deduces the patterns which are related to a terror attack or terrorist activity and separates them from the rest of the stuff.

The analysis results are a prediction about terror crimes to happen in the near future. The government uses the analyzed information for national security. The machine daily wipes of the rest of the data.

After the loss of his dear ones, Finch realizes that the other predicted crimes, which are not falling in the terrorist category, should also be attended and taken care of.

He thus decide to have a backdoor in “the machine“. Using the backdoor he is able to know the Social Security Number of the Person Of Interest for the predicted crime. He cannot distinguish whether the person (whose Social Security Number is noted) is the preparator of the crime or the victim.

He let it be that way intentionally and he doesn’t want to take any chance if someone else found about the backdoor in “the machine“.

Finch decided to get the help of Reese in attending these crimes.

The episode explores the first such case and how it is responded by Finch and Reese.

Views and Reviews:

The story moves ahead smoothly raising expectations for what is coming next. The script is written in a way that the main story and characters get developed progressively with each episode and at the same time there are unique cases being solved through episodes. In that way, each episode is complete in its own but still raise curiosity for the next.

The gripping script of the episode is nicely executed by the director. Apart from some fight scenes, most of the stuff is portrayed convincingly. Initially, you may find Reese is getting older and his persona doesn’t fit the role. Let us see how it is getting stronger with each episode.

Finch’s character is nicely written. Both Jim Caviezel as Reese and Michael Emerson as Harold Finch does justice to their character. Especially Michael’s body language is quite admirable. He explores a man with rigid upper body posture who is a limp too. At the same time, he is brilliant and thoughtful. The casting director has rightly chosen both these actors.

The character of Taraji will get more scope eventually like many other characters. It is good to watch out for them. Diane Hansen’ character (played by Natalie_Zea) leaves a mark. We can say, overall there are good performances.

The background music and locales add to the positives of this episode. The DVD quality is also good.

Final Verdict:

Overall a nice choice for those who love crime thrillers, fictions and police procedural. You may find it costly when trying to buy, so watch out for some good deal and you will not regret your decision.

Over To You:

Did you watch this TV Series or any of it’s episodes? What do you think of it? We welcome you to share your reviews with all other readers. And yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends who share the same choices with you.

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