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Don’t Be Greedy | Tale From PanchTantra | TV Serial On DVD Reviews

Four poor friends were taking rest below a tree. They were very hungry. They didn’t get proper food to eat since long. Hence they tried remembering the last time when they ate satisfactorily. It happens that sometimes the good times for others turns to the bad time for someone else and vice-versa. They remembered that on the got a real good treat last in a posthumous ceremony of a wealthy fellow at the time.

Anyway now they were hungry and need food they need to find out the way to got food. After discussing for a while they decided to go somewhere. But which way? Let the wind decide… they go the way the wind was blowing.

On the way they found a saint was there under a tree. They paid respect to the saint and during the conversation with him they explained their problem to them. The saint gave four lamps to them. One to each of them. Saint informed them that on the way you should stop where the lamp fall from anyone’s hand and dig there. The four friends took the lamps and started walking on their path. The saint thought about them “very enthusiastic fellows indeed!” Despite of being hungry they have the enthusiasm to reach to the goal.

On the other side, the fellows started walking hungrily. At a certain point the lamp of one of the friends fall on the ground. As per the advice of the saint they started digging there. Though they didn’t find anything there. They were disappointed at a certain point of time. But then they thought, there must be some logic behind the saint’s advice and they must do as per the same. So they keep digging and… whoa! They got some stuff from the land! What was that? Well, we do not want to spill the beans here by exposing the stuff found. You better watch it with your very eyes.

The fellow, whose lamp was fallen there, have decided to stay there. He was very happy with whatever fortune he have received. But not all others. Rest of the fellows decided to move ahead to get even better fortune. After a certain amount of time passed the lamp of the second fellow fall on the ground. Once again they dug the land and they found the fortune. This time the stuff was even more valuable than whatever found by the first fellow. The second fellow decided to stay there as he was happy with the fortune received. He advised other fellows also. But history repeats itself and the rest of the two fellows decided to move on.

After the certain distance is covered by both the hungry and tired fellow. One lamp fall. As per the saint’s advice they dug again. This time it was tougher to get the stuff from the heart of the land but they found one of the most valuable gems the mother earth provides. The fellow whose lamp was fallen was very happy. He decided to keep the stuff and live with the same. The other fellow decided to continue his voyage. The fellow whose lamp was fallen have tried stopping him. He have also tried convince him that they could share whatever he found from the land and it is enough for both them to live the rest of life very happily.

The fellow whose lamp was not fallen till now, though, was not ready to stop there. He had seen that the second fellow got more fortune than the first one, and the third one got more than the second one. So if he will continue there might be something even more valuable waiting for him! His desire to earn the fortune became greed now and his lust for more wealth was on high. So he was not ready to listen anything, not want to stay there and get the share of remarkable wealth from his fellow. So he continued his voyage.

The first three fellows have got the enough fortune for their lives and it lead to a happy family life for each of them. So what happened to the fourth fellow? After he continued his journey, where he reached? Did he get better fortune than all his friends? Will those friend meet each other anytime in future? So many questions and the answers to all them are there in this episode of PanchTantra.

The tale is weaved nicely. The way the three prince tries to find the essence of the tale and learn a lesson for the life is really good to see. Vishnu Sharma conveys the wit and wisdom to them in enjoyable manner. The acting of the principal cast is up to the mark. The background music is an aid. The DVD quality is okey. It gives you the best value for money. We see the skin shows and adult material almost everywhere. So seeing this moral stuff definitely work as a shadow in the hot dessert.

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