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Taxashila At The Edge Of War | Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

The ruler must have the abilities to think the current situation broadly and behave accordingly. He/She has all the power about his/her ruling area which let him make decisions and take actions; but this power came with the responsibilities to care for all the citizens and their wealth. The authority should not lead the ruler to take actions for his/her personal interest. All the decisions should be made in the interest of the kingdom. That is the reason there were political marriages did exist in the ancient times. The kings which were relatives of each other cannot attack each other. Which ultimately give peaceful lives to the citizens.

All the rulers though doesn’t possess the maturity needed. Take an example of the crown prince of Taxashila – Ambhikumar. He is the son of Ambhiraj. Ambhiraj was very respected king, not only in the citizens of Taxashila but he have maintained great relations with the neighbor kingdoms as well. Taxashila was the capital of Gandhar (the kingdom famous for Shakuni – from the time of The Mahabharat).

Gandhar was at the border of BharatVarsh (Bharat – Republic of India) and hence (it) have an added responsibility to guard the borders of India. Taxashila was considered as the Gateway to India. The rulers of Taxashila was there for considered as the guardians of Indian borders. Ambhiraj have fulfilled all his responsibilities dutifully in this area as well. That is also one of the reasons he was respected by the neighbor kingdom like Kaikei (which is often spelled as Kekai or Kaikai).

Ambhikumar – the crown prince of Taxashila – was however had a different mental level than his father. Rather than considering himself (and Gandhar) as the guardian of India he was considering himself as the ruler of those border areas. He was having some self created problems against Kaikei and he was doing all he can to irk tension at the borders of Kaikei by any mean. Ambhiraj – the genuine ruler of Taxashila was however unaware with these activities against Kaikei.

The incidents of firing the homes and corps of Kaikei’s border areas, looting the animals (considered as one of the most valuable assets those times, as they were the backbone of the economics during those times), and many such wrong doings happened many times. Ultimately in the interest of the citizens of Kaikei, the king Parvateshwar (aka PauravRaj) had sent his ambassador to Ambhiraj. When the ambassador was asked to deliver the message to himself by Ambhikumar, he refused it. Because he was strictly asked to deliver it to Ambhiraj – who was the real king. Angry Ambhikumar doesn’t have any other way but to let the ambassador meet Ambhiraj.

Ambhiraj, after hearing about the stuff got very sad and asked the ambassador that he is feeling very much ashamed about the incidents and was unaware with the same. He did respect Maharaj Parvateshwar and will try all he can, to stop these stuff. He wanted that the relations between the kingdoms of Gandhar and Kaikei will remain as strong as it was, forever.

Also we got to see that Devi Subhada (a prostitute of high level – RoopJeeva) – actually former citizen of Kaikei, living in Taxashila was well famous and respected in high political circles of Taxashila. She was providing the homage and support to the spies of Keikai in Taxashila. Seems that she will play important part in the coming times. Subhada’s beauty brings her the best targets. Ambhikumar was spending quality time with her and so does Sinharan – the commandant of Taxashila too. Subhada was playing with them both simultaneously. Sinharan was aware with Subhada’s relations with Ambhikumar, but as being his servant he cannot do anything in the matter. Ambhikumar however was not aware with Subhada’s relations with Sinharan.

It shows the way the spies were considered important those days. Each king was having spy setups in the opponent’s area. They were keeping an eye on the political activities and their native’s interest. They live dangerous lives and takes the risk in interest of their kingdom. Their roles were important. The intelligence departments are considered most important factors. We also see, how a power-hungry, immature, arrogant ruler can be harmful to any kingdom. We have seen examples of so many such dictators in the modern times also, whose thinking and actions resulted into fatal incidents for the country.

The acting form the principal cast is up-to-the-mark. The sets created by the research work actually reflects those time. The background music is an aid. In stead of showing the larger than the life stuff, the writer-director represents the realistic environment which makes the serial authentic. The DVD quality is nice too.

Only time and place are changed but the similar incidents are being seen in the current world also. Will the mankind ever learn from the past? Will we ever be able to implement “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam – The entire world is my family” felllings? And what Aacharya Vishnugupt is doing during this time?

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