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Double Dhamaal Hindi Film Reviews

Double Dhamaal, is it really fun twofold as the name suggests? The question is irked in the minds of movie lovers now a days. As the tickets at multiplexes are quite costly and so with the single screen theatres (which are reducing in terms of numbers). People need to know before spending the fortune that whether the movie lives up to what it promises or falls into “huge expectations not satisfied” category?

The single line review is you can go watch it and you won’t be disappointed if you love to watch movie just for fun, by putting your brains aside for logical and critical stuff.

There are differences between Dhamaal and Double Dhamaal of course. And you will be comparing both the films obviously. Dhamaal was a mark in its own as it is a successful comedy movie without any heroins. Double Dhamaal have two heroins. Double Dhamaal have several lines which leads to double meaning, which is now a days being common in movies. There are very few movies which are so neat and clean that you can enjoy them with the family. Some movies are exactly opposite to the same. Double Dhamaal is somewhere in between.

It starts when all four boys Adi [Arshad Warsi], Manav [Javed Jaffrey], Roy [Ritesh Deshmukh] and Boman [Aashish Chaudhary] were living in poor condition. We know that they are aret extra-ordinarily talented to do some real good stuff, they earned a great fortune which they needed to donate to a charity event (unfortunately!?) at the end of Dhamaal. One day they saw that Inspector Kabir [Sanjay Dutt] lives a splendid life style. He is no more a cop now. He is running some business with great office setup. The guys thought to know the secret, as Kabir also did philanthropy with them. So he also should be living like them, but the things are contrary. They follows Kabir and got to know that he have appointed 4 people and offered them personal cars and handsome amount of salary. The guys decide to be at the places of those 4 candidates. They plays a trick on them and make them run away from the job.

Kabir meets and greets them but not ready to employ them as he know the boys are useless. Though they follow Kabir to his home and got to know that Kamini [Mallika Sheravat], Kabir’s wife is the key person and even Kabir have to ask for rupees to her. They also learnt that Kabir have some affair going on, which they record and blackmails Kabir to let them join the company otherwise they will forward this message to Kamini and he have to be on road literally. Kabir agrees. We also got to know that Kabir’s secretary Kiya [Kangana Ranaut] is actually his sister. They all planning to do one another fraud. The earlier 4 people was chosen for that, but unfortunately the fate of Adi, Manav, Roy and Boman took them here to become fool here.

The trio executes a series of incidents which make the four friends to raise their partnership in the company and they reach to 50% ultimately. There is a landscape which was stuck in court case, gets realsed and possession is given to Kamini. When they go there for the Muhurt of the new company, the four guys start digging first, and they found that the landscape has tons and tons of oil. we see that the oil is coming from a tanker, via a pipeline. The boys got fool though. Ultimately the four friends took the responsibility to find an investor to invest 250 crore rupees into the project. The are headed towards a local goon Baba BataNand Swami [Satish Kaushik] who is starving to change lines. He is convinced to invest the amount and arranges the same in cash to the four friends, which they hands over to Kabir, Kamini and Kiya.

The trio leaves India with the cash. The land belongs to the Municipality and we know its dry. Bata Bhai comes to the land and asks the four friends that where is the oil and where are our money. Though they somehow tries escape from there and on the run they saves life of Mohsin [Zakir Hussain] from police. He offers them Rs. two lac cash, but the boys refused to take cash, instead they propose him to get them along with him. They were thinking to run away from India and Bata Bhai. They finally will be able to convince Mohsin.

When they reach Macau, they again see Kabir is the owner of a casino “four jokers” and living a great life style. They also find that Kabir announced a special deal for the occasion and on that day there will be around 1000 crores in the casino vault. They decide to take revenge with Kabir and they plans their actions. Adi don the avatar of a Sardar and without being identified by Kabir he becomes is confidante and earns job as casino’s Security in-charge. Roy in the different avatar successfully charms Kiya and get her ready to marry him in spite of his brother’s disapproval.  Manav and Boman plays brothers of Roy in this game. They also change a couple of more avatars and finally was able execute their actions as planned.

What would be the result? Will they be able to get revenge against Kabir? Will they become wealthy? well, you can guess what could have happened, or you may love to watch it on screen. The movie opened with positive welcome by the public. Though if we go critically the movie is not double but half of the Original Dhamaal. The boys took most attention, the girls there are to show their bodies, which they do successfully. Kangana’s dialog delivery is improved but still needs more improvement. The spects doesn’t suit her. Mallika is as usual. Sanjay Dutt is perfect choice for the character.

Arshad, Javed, Aashish and Ritesh all  delivered magnificent performances. Satish Kaushik leaves impression in his small presence time. His get-up reminds you a famous don. Zakir hussain is a cameo. The title track is hilarious. The item song is preserved for climax time, to keep viewers waiting for it. Music is complimentary to the movie and got popular. Locales are eye-catching. The story lacks the punch and so does the direction. It could have been a better story with some nicely weaved incidents. A few scenes make you to laugh genuinely others are poor jokes or parodies from recent films. The dialog hints some famous films as well. Also, the films are being more adulterous now a days. There are several things which could be avoided. In short, critically, below average film which will surely be loved by the mass and will see a good box office collection.

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