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Detailed Reviews For Episode 6 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Episode 6 of the Hindi TV Serial Kahani Chandrakanta Ki starts with the famous title song sung by Vinod Rathod. Vinod Rathod’s voice is definitely one of the positive points of the serial. In this episode we are moving ahead from the incident where we left the same in the previous episode.

Shiv Dutt, the dethroned king of Chunargadh (Chunargarh) is desperate to get back his kingdom, wealth and prestige. Now as Chandilal have changed his loyalty from Viredrasinh to Shiv Dutt (due to his personal reasons), it will be interesting to see what turn the incidents will take. Of course, not all of the key characters from Shiv Dutt’s side want to believe Chandilal. There are various reasons for various people as we know. Krur Singh and his team have interest in their personal gain only and Krur is thinking that it will be harmful for his importance; if ShivDutt, Pt. Jagannath and others will pay more attention to Chandilal and his plans. There are also people who are genuine and loyal to ShivDutt and his kingdom and they don’t want to believe the fellow who keeps changing his loyalty periodically. Originally, the man of ShivDutt, Chandi served genuinely him. Then, he went to Virendrasinh’s side and now again moving back to ShivDutt’s side!!! Strange!!!

Anyway, the incidents are taking place as they have to. And everyone have to play his/her part.

Krur is not happy at all and he found discussing the same with his assistants. He have started planning something to defame Chandilal and his supporters with the single shot. BadriNath and Chandilal both left for Chunargadh, and it seems that KrurSingh’s plans seems to be dangerous for them. As Badrinath was accompanying Chandilal and have taken the responsibility of bringing Chandilal back to ShivGadh (Shivgarh) back safely.

On their way back they both stopped at the Aashram (hut) of Gurudev. Gurudev was shocked by seeing Chandi and Badri both together, as they are opponents. But when heard about their new union, he was happy. Both Badri and Chandi needs to take some rest in the hut of Gurudev to for the recreation purpose. Gurudev allowed to do them the same. And he left them by saying that Chaitali has to be back till now from the same, but she is not, so he is going to look into the matter. However none of the were aware of the fact that Krursingh was already there in a hideout with his assistant and overhearing their conversation. He was planning his game to play with the duo (Badrinath and Chandilal).

Here is the episode for you to watch and enjoy…

What were the plans of Krursingh to defame Badrinath and Pt. Jagannath? What is the trick he will play with the warrior duo – Badrinath and Chandilal? Will Badrinath and Chandilal able to see the trap and able to avoid it? What Paramveer Singh is doing? There are so many questions answered in this episode.

It must be said that the background music is competent. Though some of the costumes are good, some of them are not that good. Sometimes we see flashes of the modern stuff from the cloths which has to be of ancient times. The shining leather shows its traces too. In acting department, so far Vinod Kapoor, Rajendra Gupta are more convincing. Mamik is good, but somehow his front teeth was not helping him making good impression. Gurudev’s get-up is not convincing. KrurSingh and his assistants failed to create the impact they need to. Good work is taken from the horses. Shiva is working on his dialog delivery, but he have to go far. Overall an episode with mix factors, more lows then the highs. And when you compare it with its prequel (which you may), you will not be that happy.

Let us know your comments on the same.

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