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True Lies | Hollywood Spy Thriller Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger | Movie Reviews

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the synonym of action thriller with one liners having comic wit implanted. When his on screen charisma meet with that of off-screen (direction) James Cameron; your expectations are high, the adrenaline is pumping and you expect a nice journey, right? True Lies is a kind of spy thriller or you can say the James Bond movie (or better to say Harry Tasker movie?!) by James Cameron – Arnold Schwarzenegger – Brad Fiedel.

Movie :
True Lies
Director :
James Cameron
Producers : James Cameron, Stephanie Austin
Screenplay : James Cameron
Story : ,
Starring : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Art Malik, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, Eliza Dushku, Grant Heslov, and others

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be the great actor but his charisma is undoubted. He is the one who makes you believe the larger than the life stuff he is doing on screen. He is the one who is capable to live the character and deliver mass-pleasing performance. His acting skills are getting better and better with movies and age. Jamie Lee Curtis gives the splendid performance in the role of Helen Tasker. She won the Golden Globe for this performance. The canvas of the movie is really big, a lot of money was spent on the production and the same is visible on screen (the movie’s production cost is estimated as around 100-120 million USD).

The movie starts with Harry’s mission in Switzerland. In the ice-land, a high profile party is going on, which is strictly for the invited only. Needless to say that the best security arrangements are made, so no unwanted guest(s) can enter. Harry Tasker working for The Omega Force – a counter terrorism organization by government of United States. Later we got to know that Harry is actually living a double life (all the spies do that right?). In the normal life he is a guy next door who is working as a salesman in a computer software company. He makes his entry from the water under the ice surface and successfully able to enter the party. Though his main aim is not to enjoy the party, but to steel the data his organization needed from the owner’s computer. And he successfully does the same. The security breach has been traced and he need to leave the place as soon as possible. But how can he, until the data transfer is complete? So he have to hide himself in the crowd of party guests. He ran into (accidently) antiques dealer Juno Skinner and after a brief conversation with her, does a tango with her!!!

And able to make her charmed with his charisma. But, its now the time to bid adieu to him. What is his plan to get out from the place, where the suspect entered is being searched amongst the party guests. His plan was simple. Get out from the main gate with pride and honor. Though, he was asked for his invitation card by a security personal. And the plan have to be dropped. He starts some firework and get away and trailed by a number of security guards.

He was though able to get away his two team mates Albert Gibson aka Gibs and Faisal. His wife and daughter are rather not sharing a great bond with him as he is mostly unavailable when the family needs him. His work is of such nature that his schedules are not fixed and he is not available sometimes during the weekends also. He brings in some souvenirs etc. but the need of physical presence and expression of love can never be substituted by anything else.

Harry and his team was able to know about the existence of an Islamist militant organization group known as the Crimson Jihad, led by Salim Abu Aziz during this operation. Harry suspects that June have definitely something to do with the same. He then decides to meet her again. Though his meeting to her was suspected by Salim and he then started following Harry with his team of the shooters. There happens a fight in the bathroom between Harry and the shooters and needless to say he overpowers them.

But Salim himself attacks him to kill and when he is unable, he tries to flee. How can Harry let him flee? So he follows him and blocked his way with his team. Salim however was able to skip them with his bike but Harry follows him by riding a horse of a policeman. The horse scenes were really funny and thrilling at the same time. Rather than embedding its videos we think it will be enjoyed more when you watch the movie. By doing the office duties day and night Harry started feeling that he is not doing justice to his family. And hence, he thought to give a surprise to his wife by joining her for the lunch one day. But at her office, he overhears that she is going to meet someone. And Harry thinks that it is an extra-marital affair, which is affirmed strongly by his aide Gibs. Harry took the matter seriously and finds the culprit. He decide to trap the man and do what he can to save his marriage. Actually he love his wife a lot, and hence he was not going to let his marriage break at any cost.

He then got to know that the fellow dating with his wife is pretending to be a spy, who is a dare devil and does the risky stuff for his country. Harry traps him and his wife, and found that his wife still loving him. She was just got bored with monotonous life and want to do something amazing, something adventurous. Harry got a plan and…

Well what happens then after is really delight to watch. There are so many scene which were later copied (or inspired) in some other (even Non-English) movies. For example the falling machine gun scene and others.

Here are some of the interviews of the principal cast of True Lies where they are discussing the film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talking to Jay Leno:

Jamie Lee Curtis talking about the movie:

Tom Arnold talking about the movie:

The movie balance between the fun and action element well. The movie is definitely delight to watch and movie lovers can’t ignore it. The supporting cast including Tom Arnold and others plays their part pretty well. Of course, do not try to find too much of the logic, but watch the movie with the vision to get entertainment, and you will not be disappointed at all. The sequel and TV Series on the movie were also hit the news headlines but then Arnold moved to politics actively and (probably it is the reason), they are not made till date.

It is worth to note that True lies is based on the French film La Totale! directed by Claude Zidi.

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