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Use Google As Calculator | Google Search Tips And Tricks

Now almost all of us know that Google is not only a search engine but a lot more than that. One of the most useful aspect it came with in early days is Google Calculator.

Yes, the search engine can answer 2+2 and other basic arithmetic stuffs. But, there is lot more than that it offers. You can even find Square roots and other answers which requires processing above the basic arithmetic. Sooner there will be all major Math functions (if all are not supported yet) which are supported by JavaScript/PHP/Java/C/C++ natively; will be answered in the Google search box itself.

So in most cases when there is an Internet connection available to a PC (the ratio is definitely growing higher day by day, and its good), rather than using the in-built calculator that is available with the OS itself, people rather use Google calculator; and that is the height of its popularity for sure.

Here is an official small video by Google itself explaining the way to use the – Calculator – feature effectively.

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