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BlueHost is Slowly Coming Up Again | Good Tech News

Since a few hours webmasters were upset due to their websites were down. The issue was with the lot of sites host on BlueHost – one of the popular Internet Hosting provider.

As a user at http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/bluehost.com.html#commentstop pointed out, the following could be the reason:
It would appear that Ace Data Center in Provo Utah which supplies the data center infrastructure to many companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster etc is the culrpit. The fact that so many hosting providers are down at the same time leads me to believe it is so.

And, as of now the sites seems coming back to life. Though it would probably be early to tell all is well again. Because of so many websites and so many service request it require some time to settle down. Also note that for some time now, the sites might be coming from server cache and may need to get the page refresh several times to see the latest page. Also if your site have sub-domains, try refreshing all them.

So those who have hosted site on any of the above servers try checking and refreshing the same (may be you need to do hard refresh for a few times). The things seems settling down, as we write this.

How to make sure that you got fresh version of the site?

  • In most popular browser F5 does soft refresh of the page, and CTRL + F5 does hard refresh of the page, you may need to do it twice or thrice for surity
  • To resolve the DNS caching issue windows users can go to Command prompt and execute
    command for the same

What to do in such situations?

  • First thing first, Calm down. See there is nothing you can do by frustrating yourself. Sure, your business is having wrong impact and you are losing, but it is a kind of the thing which is not in your hand.
  • Also remember, the hosting company is also losing their customers and faith, so they are doing their best (in most of the cases, their might be rare exceptions) to resolve such issues. This is not any advocacy of hosting providers, but just a matter of fact.
  • Have a data backup script available on your host and keep backup of the data regularly (mostly around 01:00 AM daily, it is the best time, when you expect least traffic on your website). Remember this is in addition to the services provided to you by your host. So even if your host takes backup of everything on the server at regular intervals (most of the hosts do so), but your backups are additional to those. Because ther might be some scenarios when backups on the host are also affected with a mishap. This will increase your chance to lose minimum in such incidents.

Do let us know your remarks via comments below:

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  1. Bluehost was again down for few hours, it came back again though. Seems the problems are affecting Bluehost more frequently these days. This affects its credibility and dependability for sure. Do let us know your remarks in the same regards.

  2. Recently again, the power failure in a high voltage power line made BlueHost and Hostgator servers unavailable!
    Read more at: http://www.pingzine.com/power-outage-shuts-down-bluehost-and-hostgator-servers-29822/

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