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Whatsapp Acquired By Facebook | Will It Affect Google?

Recently WhatsApp, a popular mobile app, which ease the communication between people, was bought by Facebook. WhatsApp is very popular due to its slick and effective interface and holds a good rating of 4.5 at Google’s Play store! Actually FaceBook have its own messaging App which holds good rating as well, but it is not that much popular or user friendly. FaceBook is not only getting WhatsApp for a whopping price of (if figures to be believed) 10 Billion USD, but more importantly got all the consumers who use this app as the platform of communication!

It is worth to note that adding consumers to your folio which trust your service(s) and genuinely feel good and satisfied about it (WhatsApp – in this case) is one of the biggest victory in the competitive market. Very few people know that there was a time when Google – another tech giant have expressed interest in this app. Recently also we found quotes by – Larry Page – mentioning that – WhatsApp – should have to be an independent player in the market. Clearly he was disappointed seeing Whatsapp going into FaceBook (one of their big competitiors); in addition to genuinely feel about WhatsApp and see its growth as an individual company.

Google definitely is an old player in – messaging – market. Google Talk or GTalk is very popular and have very slick and effective UI for the users. Though over the period of time, Google introduced – Google Hangouts and then replaced its Talk app with the Hangout app! Now that is considered as a blunder by several experts. Google hangout definitely have more options than the Talk, but is confusing and a little more complicated than Talk app.

If to talk about PC version of Google Hangout app (forget mobile for a moment), you will see – Video Call – option on the top, but what to do in case you want to create group chat session with just text and/or sound option. You need to turn off your system camera after making a video call! It is also not easy to see whether your Google Hangout contact is online or not! You simply try to make a call and determine whether he/she is online! Now this is not effective at all.

Well, speaking frankly, Google Hangout is not bad app, but WhatsApp is better than that. Even Google Play store have the rating of “less than 4” for Google Hangout app – which is below expectation for sure. People expect more from Google App of course.

And communication is the main aspect of the mobile phone, and with a lot of smartphones in the market people will definitely love to go for the best app which facilitate the same. Mocrosoft understood that and bought Skype in the same efforts. Microsoft have merged its – Windows Messenger and Live Messenger with Skype. And people can login with their MSN ID into Skype. It is also worth to note that after Skype was bought by MicroSoft, people had seen various outages, performance and other issues – with Skype services. But, it is still one of the best way to communicate one-to-one. Their group chat version is also fine, but there are several feature – which are not available for Skype‘s free users. Example, you cannot share your screen in a group call!

To add to the list, we must say that despite of having a very low user base, BlackBerry have developed BBM – which is one of their most popular app.

The summary is, you cannot deny the need of a quality, performing and nurtured Too, which not only provide the slick and best user interface but also work continuously to make it even better! As the newly appoint CEO of MicroSoft – Satya Nadella – thinks that the company need to reinvent itself – we definitely expect changes even in Skype services.

So, the short and simple answer to the question asked – Does WhatsApp’s merger into FaceBook will affect Google (and other companies which provides communication app) – is YES. Google definitely have improved a lot – its Hangout app and MicroSoft did the same with Skype too, but we expect definitely more from both them. And mind well, there are other apps available in the market like – WeChat – providing tough competition to all these apps.

What do you think about this various communication apps? Which is the one you like the most and why? Do let us know your thoughts via comments below.

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