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Priceline acquired Kayak | Tech News

In an important news – Priceline has acquired Kayak for around 1.8 billion USD. It is worth to note that Priceline is considered as one of the largest travel companies in the world. And on the other had Kayak is a meta search, specially focused on travel search market.

It is said that Kayak will be administered independently as it is as of now (with the same management).

It is worth to note that boards of both the companies have accepted the deal but Shareholder’s approval is yet to be taken, which is expected to be done in next 3-4 months. As per Kayak’s financial report in Quarter -3 of 2012 their overall revenue rise by 30%. So it is definitely a good deal for Priceline (at least it seems so).

What effect if will make on the Travel market is to be watched. But we expect that the travel industry will see a lot of changes (in terms of user interface). We also hope that it will provide some great features and make life easy not only for the traveler but also for the booking agencies and other companies associated with the business.

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