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Amazon to launch A SmartPhone?! | Tech News

Well, it would not be the first time Amazon is entering into mobile market. The company successfully launched Kindle and it was able to make its own identity in the flooded market.

Now the company is planning to come up with a smart phone. Well, frankly speaking there is no shortage of the smart phone models in the market anyway. So Amazon will have to bring something unique to make its space. If you simply thing from a customer’s point of view, the value for money is what matters the most. And as pioneer of the E-Commerce at large scale, Amazon knows what customer need. Which make us think that it will not be just another smart phone.

Just think that Amazon Kindle fire have a number of competitors, but it came with an attractive price tag (in addition to the features it have, of course), which made its path clear in the market. Can we hope the same for Amazon Smartphone too? If yes that people who love Smartphone(s) but cannot afford it, will love buying that. It is worth to note that Amazon is spreading its wings in countries like India (http://www.junglee.com), where based on the population and popularity of mobile devices, additional market is available for the company.

Just smart price (consider cheap) is not enough, as there are smartphones available for almost any price tag (E.g. from the Chinese market which are good looking too). Well rather making speculations it is better to wait to see the official announcement from Amazon, right?

Well, let us wait for the official announcement from Amazon but feel free to express your expectations from the same.

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