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A 1925 novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald was found interesting by a lot of readers. The novel got so popular that it was adapted in theater and silver screen several times.

The latest adaptation (2013) is presented in 3D and loved by the people. The movie got good reviews from critiques as well. The movie is definitely worth watching especially for acting and sets (in addition to story, as it is adapted so many times, we don’t think we need to mention that it is interesting…).

Movie : The Great Gatsby
Director :
Baz Luhrmann
Produced by : Baz Luhrmann, Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Catherine Martin, Catherine Knapman
Based On : The Great Gatsby by
Screenplay by : ,
Music By : Craig Armstrong
Studio : Village Roadshow Pictures, Bazmark Productions, A&E Television, Red Wagon Entertainment
Distributed by : Warner Bros. Pictures
Cinematography : Simon Duggan
Editors : Matt Villa, Jason Ballantine, Jonathan Redmond
Released On :
Starring : Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby), Callan McAuliffe (Teenage Gatsby), Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway), Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan), Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan), Elizabeth Debicki (Jordan Baker), Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson), Jason Clarke (George Wilson), Amitabh Bachchan (Meyer Wolfsheim), Max Cullen (Owl Eyes), Jack Thompson (Dr. Walter Perkins), Brendan Maclean (Ewing Klipspringer), Adelaide Clemens (Catherine), Richard Carter (Herzog), Heather Mitchell (Daisy’s mother), Gus Murray (Teddy Barton), Steve Bisley (Dan Cody), Vince Colosimo (Michaelis), Felix Williamson (Henri), Kate Mulvany (Mrs. Mckee), Eden Falk (Mr. Mckee), iOTA (Trimalchio), and others…

Jay Gatsby’s story is about love, passion an emotions. It all starts being told by Nick Carraway, a graduate from Yale University. He is caught by alcoholism and staying at a sanatorium for the treatment. He is telling his tale to the doctor. During the conversation he refer a man as the most hopeful man he had ever seen in his life – Jay Gatsby. Though we see that Nick was unable to collect all his thoughts chronologically and properly, the Doctor suggests him to pen them down. This is good even for Nick as well. Because Nick love writing, and this will give him a chance to note all the stuff in a perfect manner. And we got to know that now we are going to get the story of Jay Gatsby.

And yes, as Nick is a World War I veteran, the story will reflect that time for sure.

It was summer of 1922 when Nick moved to New York. He was not very happy for the same though, but he needed to give up writing and find a job as the necessity. He took job of a bond salesman and found a small home at long island village. Near to his house, there is a mansion where parties were arranged on the regular bases, and mind well, they were not the ordinary parties, they were all luxurious and can be called extravagant. Nick got to know that Mr. Jay Gatsby stays in the mansion and he is the one who schedules parties. All people know about Gatsby is – he is a businessman, a wealthy one of course. There are number of people attend the party but there is no one who claim to meet Mr. Gatsby (even in the party) personally! Thus his character remains mysterious for a lot.

On a day Nick pays visit to Daisy, his cousin, who lives at West Egg with her husband, Tom. Tom was a college fellow of Nick so they knew each other well. BTW watch carefully the scene where Gatsby is mentioned by a lady golfer at Daisy’s home and her reaction at the same. She seems to know someone whose last name is Gatsby. Though as the food was ready, they were interrupted, and Daisy was unable to know more about Gatsby. Daisy and Tom introduce Nick to Jordan Backer. Daisy’s intention was to setup a link between Jordan and Nick, in case they found each other compatible.

The thing starts taking turn when Nick was informed by Jordan that Tom was not faithful in his marriage! She claim that she know that Tom has a mistress, and she lives in the area between New York and West Egg. Of course Nick was concerned.

Is it true? If so, it is definitely something to worry about for both Nick and Daisy.

One day when Nick was traveling with Tom they stopped at a garage owned by Mr. Wilson. He lives with his wife Myrtle there. Martyl is the lady which was referred by Jordan as mistress of Tom!

One day an invitation by Jay Gatsby was received by Nick to join his party. He attends it with Jordan and he realize that in party also he didn’t found anyone who met Gatsby personally! There were many rumors about Gatsby was spread in the party! Some says he is a spy, some says he is crook, some says he is an assassin! The most surprising event in the party for Nick is the invitation received by Jordan to meet Gatsby personally and alone! By the way Gatsby is young, handsome, charming and dynamic person, as they found by now.

The story moves ahead in some complications from this point forward. Be it relationship between Tom and Myrtle, Tom and Nick, Nick and Daisy, Daisy and Gatsby, Gatsby and Tom and…

Several metaphors work fantastically in the movie for example when we see Nick found almost everyone lives his/her life in so different manner. We see a huge building with many rooms, all living in different way there. Found himself displaced Nick was watching them all. The meeting in the room between Gatsby an Daisy is also a nice emotional scene. Also watch the scene where Gatsby attacks on Tom!

Overall it is a nice cinematic experience where technology is used at great extent. The acting of all the principal cast members is really up to the mark. It is not only Leonardo or Tobby’s film (of course they delivers good performances). The background sound is up to the mark. The casting is good. The story weaved complications, emotions, realities, fantasies and other stuff vividly. However you may find the film slow. You can enjoy it at your leisure.

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