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Dick Costolo’s Commencement Speech | Words Of Wisdom

Dick Costolo (b. Sept. 10, 1963) serve as CEO of Twitter Inc. – The microblogging website. Before serving at this position he served as COO of the same company.

He was graduated from University of Michigan (he earned B.S. there). He was referred by Business Insider as “one of Silicon Valley’s most impressive CEOs” in 2013. He was also referred as one of top 10 influential Tech CEOs by TIME magazine as well.

He was invited by University of Michigan on May 4, 2013 to address the commencement (You can see his name as – Richard Costolo there). As University of Michigan made the video public on YouTube, so thankfully it is available for all of us. Here is what we found as the essence from the same.

  • From his early career days memories he share, where he tried to catch up his dream to excel as a theater artist and earn Hollywood movie roles and fame, he had to stop chasing that dream and ultimately had to use his C.S. degree and join the I.T. field – we understands that Improvisation is the most important thing one should learn.
  • One need to make courageous choices.
  • Be in this moment. (Live the current moment fully, you cannot plan everything, make your choices based on circumstances, if you have planned something, which doesn’t fit the current situation/place you must improvise it wisely)
  • Focus on what you love to do and make bold bets if required.
  • When starting something new (i.e. performing any action) you may not be aware of what consequences it lead to, that’s why it is important to do it wisely, with passion, take bold decisions for the same…
  • He gave a good example for making his point; Twitter founder when twitted for the first time, could not have thought that it will be a platform to declare presidential victories, or can serve as an alternate communication platform when mobile doesn’t work in some tricky situations!
  • As you cannot plan everything, you cannot control the impact of something (as it is, say after effects), for you the moment you live in or experience is most important. He gave us a good example of such situation; when Russuan President visited Twitter office in San Francisco and… Well, better to hear from him.
  • You cannot draw your path by looking into the future. As it is not in your hand. That is why living in present, understanding the stuff, implementing your best efforts and make the path you wanted be on, is needed.
  • When you do something you love, you do it excellently. It is a natural habit.
  • When you do something what others expect you to do, but you may not like to do, you cannot do it with excellence, and when stuck somewhere, you will look for some external help. This is also a natural habit.
  • Don’t always worry about the next step. Be in the moment.

What you think about his commencement speech? We find it a good source of inspiration. According to us it can be summarized as: You cannot control the past, you cannot control the future, so live in present, do what you love, implement your best efforts doing so, take courageous decisions and do the stuff wisely. You will then be directed to the right place.

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