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Skyfall | James Bond Film | Hollywood Movie Reviews

Definitely one of the most awaited movie of the releasing year, the latest installment in the James Bond movies series, Skyfall have made viewers eager to see it. Here are our personal reviews for the same.

Movie :
Based On : James Bond (character) by
Director :
Sam Mendes
Producers : Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Writers : , ,
Starring : Daniel Craig,Judi Dench,Javier Bardem,Ralph Fiennes,Naomie Harris,Bérénice Lim Marlohe,Albert Finney,Rory Kinnear ,Helen McCrory,Ola Rapace,Ben Whishaw,Jens Hultén, and others

First of all this is the movie which is not having the title from Sir Ian Flaming’s novel. It carries forward the legacy of Casino Royale – where James Bond was a new recruit and immature in terms of expert spies who are working on the field; and Quantum Of Solace – which is more of a personal journey of vengeance for him. Now Bond is more cold blooded, Brutal and dangerous, he learnt some of the lessons over the period of time. He still is looking for the persons who were responsible for the mishaps done with him. And it doesn’t seem that he is going to leave them.

The movie towards finale shows that How the lady M was replaced with Mr. M (whom we see since the time of Sean Connery starring James Bond movies – till Judie Dench appeared as M). Even miss MoneyPenny’s introduction and her interest in working at office are explained too. The rise of Felix – Bond’s friend in CIA is also explored. So this movie is actually connecting the dots to the first film of the series, answering so many possible questions in the mind of James Bond movie lovers. And it makes the movie interesting nonetheless.

The movie has interesting storyline and death-defying stunts. Technically the movie is a joy to watch. The protagonist is not much dependent on the gadgets yet. The movie starts with James Bond and Eve (the female agent of MI6) to a mercenary who have stolen the computer hard disk database of secret agents working undercover. They are playing various roles in terrorist organizations to know their motive and prevent the world from the advert effects by sabotaging the mission. These secret agents were planted there by the NATO states. During the chase Bond and the mercenary got on the rooftop of a running train. And the battle of life and death goes on for them. Eve, in order to help Bond fires from distance and mistakenly the bullet hit James in stead of the mercenary. Ultimately James loses the battle and falls into the river. After long search when he was not found, it is assumed the MI6 had lost his 007!!

The secret agents and their organization had to face the political pressure as well. Gareth Mallory, the Intelligence and Security Committee Chairman rise the same and the thing is stretched so much that M – the chief of MI6 needed to retire from the post. A meeting of high level diplomats, officials and others was called in to summarize the stuff. Once the meeting is over the Mi6 server’s security was compromised. M – was taunted with some funny stuff by the person behind the same. In the course of events, the MI6 headquarters were blasted off. M was unharmed though, a remarkable number of her employees met with their death. Which forced MI6 to relocate to it’s underground office, which kept hidden and safe for such emergency.

Bond however was not dead. Though, he used his rumored death as his retirement objective and was passing the time happily. As soon as he heard about this blast, he cannot keep himself away. M was not less than a mother to him. He that’s why came back to London. James insist to join the forces which are facing bad time currently. He had to pass several physical and psychological tests to do so. Bond fails several tests but M however trust his abilities and allowed him to join the mission.

As Bond have the piece of bullet fired on him by the mercenary still remain in his body. By using this small evident, he was able to trace the mercenary. He is located in Shanghai. Bond is of coursed placed there where the assassination of the mercenary (known as Patrice). However Bond have the plan to find the employer of Patrice, so not only he can identify him, but also get back the stolen hard disk. The race of cat and mouse begun. But interesting to see is who is the cat and who is the mouse. One other major question was the identity of Patrice’s employer. And of course, his intentions doing all this stuff.

So who is the antagonist and why is he doing these stuffs? Well, better to watch the movie.

Speaking technically, the movie is remarkable of course. The role of James Bond seems tailor made for Daniel Craig and seems enjoy playing it. It is shown on the screen (and his hard work is evident too, of course). Rest of the crew members played their roles convincingly too. The final battle is interesting. The background score is an aid. The action-thriller lover will like the movie for sure. The movie plot have some emotional quotient filled-in as well.

Interesting Facts
  • The main cast of Skyfall was officially announced at a press conference held at the Corinthia Hotel in London on 3 November 2011. It is exactly fifty years from the day that Sean Connery was announced to play James Bond in the film Dr. No.
  • Sam Mendes, like the way James Bond was portrayed by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. He initially was not curious to direct the James Bond films, as he didn’t found them too attractive. Though due to the involvement and the enthusiasm of Daniel made him do so later.
  • The bankruptcy time and worst financial situations of MGM affected various aspects of this film.
  • Principal photography of the film was scheduled to take 133 days, but it was finished before that.
  • Skyfall has earned $1.1 billion worldwide, and is the highest-grossing film worldwide for Sony Pictures, in the year 2012


Overall a delight to watch (unless you expect Bond to be a gadget person).

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