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Mary Kom | Bollywood Film | Personal Reviews

One of the much awaited films from Hindi Film Industry popularly known as Bollywood was – Mary Kom. The film was expected to be BioPic of the legendary woman boxer – Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom – from India.

Let us make one thing clear, the movie is entertaining and might be inspirational. It is good but not great. And it is not the BioPic of Mary Kom for sure. The events in the movie are loosely based on Mary Kom’s life and they are quite different from her autobiography – Unbreakable M. C. Mary Kom : An Autobiography.

Movie : Mary Kom
Director :
Omung Kumar
Produced by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Written By :
Music By : Songs:
Background Score:
Rohit Kulkarni
Editors : Rajesh G. Pandey Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Cinematography :
Production Company : Bhansali Productions
Distributed By : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Priyanka Chopra (Mary Kom), Sunil Thapa (M. Narjit Singh), Darshan Kumar (Onler Kom), Robin Das (Mangte Tonpa Kom), Rajni Basumatary (Mangte Akham Kom), Lin Laishram (Bem-Bem), Bijou Thaangjam (Naobi), Zachary Coffin (German boxing coach), Bandari Raghavendra (Peter Michael), Raghav Tiwari (Mangi), Shishir Sharma,Shakti Singh (S. Sharma), Kenny Basumatary (Jimmy), Ritika Murthy (journalist), Binud Kumbang (Lalboi), Pabitra Rabha Jalah (Asong), Ramendra Vasishth (Federation official’s assistant), Rajesh Nigam (Federation official’s assistant), Deepak Kumar Singh (Alberto), Mridul Satam (Young Mary Kom), and others…
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The movie is inspirational and brings some genuinely positive messages. It inspires you to never lose hope and keep working hard. It guides you to stay focused on your goal even if the surroundings are not positive. When you love someone you have to be supportive to him or her under all circumstances, and that is what it is a spouse needs to do. More specifically the Indian men are not counted very supportive to their wives. The movie inspires them to be so. The movie also gives the strong message of the road may have many obstacles, but there are ways to move them away and continue your ride.

So what goes wrong?! Well, the movie is not a biopic of Mary Kom, so lot of things explored in filmy way, which work for the audience who go to watch a commercial movie, but not for those who want to see something realistic. Also, Priyanka did a lot of hard work and she is fantastic in several scenes, and it is one of her fine performances, but there are scenes where she doesn’t look the character (physically and acting wise) naturally.

Almost all of the other actors tried well to justify their roles, and they succeed at a large extent.

The background music is a positive aspect of the movie. But in terms of songs, the “Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai” is the only song which marks a tremendous effect on the listener. The dialogs are short and powerful. The sport of boxing is not given the footage it requires. Neither major achievements of Mary on personal and professional front are justified properly.

If you have the biography of Mary than you will feel disappointed at various places and find the events filmed are quite different (saying it again, because, there are a lot of such people who already have read her biography before watching the movie). If you haven’t watched it, the movie will work fine for you in major segment.

Also the issue of the judges have their favorite and being biased, shown in the movie, is mentioned in the book as well. The issue exists at even larger level and the recent incident in the Asian Games came into lime light, when Sarita Devi refused to take the bronze medal for being treated in biased manner.

The government officials and their behaviour with legendary sports person is explored pretty nicely in the movie. Of course there are some nice people who go even off the way to support the sport person, treating him/her like family member. See, how the coach offers money for food for all the team members where no food for the candidates is arranged. But, still we can find some rigid persons with stupid behaviour in any system or organisation, be it government entity or privately held. This is one of the major issues needs to be addressed, as it is discouraging.

Official trailer of the movie:

Actually Mary’s autobiography reminds you Hindi TV serial Udaan at a large extent (and we feel that it should be converted into a tele-serial, which remain faithful to the book, it will be a fantastic TV serial then).

So, the movie could have been a better biopic or authentic inspirational film, which it is not. It have a lot of down sides. But there are positives also, and if you will go watching it without much expectations (or keeping the memories of the autobiography of Mary – outside), you will enjoy it.

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