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Unbreakable M. C. Mary Kom : An Autobiography | Book Reviews

Recently we got a chance to read Autobiography of the legendary female boxer from India – M C Mary Kom. Her journey from a remote place in India to the remarkable place in the center of glory around would is not only inspirational and fascinating, but also gripping and emotional as well.

Book Title : Unbreakable
Author :
Publisher : Harper (27 November 2013)
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The book is really good in terms of literary aspects also. The writer have weaved the incidents of her life in a linear manner (almost, apart form a few incidents). The author also took care of using the simple language rather than showing of his literary skills, which works in favor of the book.

Writing an autobiography is always a tough thing. At one side you need to keep the facts intact and on the other side you need to make it an interesting reading material too. You also need to take care to not to do injustice to the other characters interact with the protagonist. Writing an autobiography of a living person is even more difficult as most of the people associated with the protagonists are also alive and they might have a different aspect to look at a specific event.

The book explores the comparatively less explored are of India, the north-east region. They are blessed with fantastic and envious natural beauty and they are living a very tough life too. On the rainy, hilly, Jungle area one need a remarkable strength just to survive. And living in hut kind of homes, working in the farms without many aids, travelling a lot to just get household stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But it is said that the circumstance make you stronger to fight the odds, if you don’t possess negative attribute. And that is what it is seen in the book clearly. The routine of kid Mary explored in the book is really motivational. The hard-work and determination she lived with is really applaudable. The walking, running and cycling for so many kilometers daily was a routine of her daily life, and it played major role in the foundation of her athletic and strong body.

Apart from her talk about her tough journey and hard work, she have explored some customs and rituals from her native place. You got to know Manipur and people living there in better ways through the book. There are several incidents which will be found interesting by you, including the custom of naming a child. Also naming a person behind a “cycle” will amuse you about the hard life they were living. It will definitely make you thinking that when purchasing a cycle is considered as so great event, how tough was the life there. And then you will start considering the people who are sitting in AC rooms and complaining about the system and circumstances, as poor-minded and poor-heart.

It is tough to talk about something wrong happened to you in a neutral manner. This books explores such events clearly, without having any hate implanted for anyone in the same. This is a very rare quality to be found and the book is good to read in that aspect as well. The book also discusses about the clash of thoughts between Mary and her father, but it was not that her father is represented as a villain or something. He is explored as a more of a concerned father in the book who is having his own way of thinking.

The talks about various boxing academies and sports authorities, the politics played there and some other aspects are explored without fear. But, they are also explored in a way that it shows the problem in the system, and what could be the possible way to overcome it, to get better nurtured talents from the country without any bias. You need a really big heart to write about it in such a way. And, yes, the mention of the kidnap of her father-in-law and his assassination will make your eyelids wet.

When we talk about the legends, we often forget those who were key players in his/her life. Mary didn’t miss a chance to talk about the people who have supported her and help her to be what she is. Without their help and support it was never possible for Mary to become an international boxing champion. Her parents are the first one to get all the credit, then her family, her teachers and coaches, her academies, sports authorities, her community and many more deserve the due credit. But the man of her life, her husband, deserves even more credit. His continue faith in Mary and unconditional support to her cannot be measured with anything. He shows that what a companion means.

And the battle is not over yet, Mary is preparing for next Olympics. And she is determined to do everything she can to win the Gold and make the nation proud on her (even more).

Doesn’t such determination, patriotism, hard-work, fighting spirit and other qualities have to be appreciated? Doesn’t the system needs to be better and fair to everyone? Doesn’t the terrorism needs to be ended? The book raises so many thought processes. And the reader will start desiring for such fighting spirit, dedicated parents, lovely and supportive life partner, and much more good stuff, after reading the book. And, it is the success of the book by all means.

Summary: Gripping, well-written and inspirational book. Go for it.

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