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Episode 8 Of Akbar The Great Hindi TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

The people at the fort including Rana were all curious yet worried as the time of delivery (for the begum of Humayun) was coming nearer.

TV Series :
Akbar The Great
Music : Naushad
Art : T. K. Desai
Photography : V. Subba Rao
Dialogs :
Screenplay :
Producer : Akbar Khan
Director : Akbar Khan
Cast : Sahid Khan, Vikrant, Kaushal Kapoor, Shammi, Kamal Malik, Aman Quraishi, Arvind, Ishtiaq Khan, Sumita Siddharth, Gazal, Syed Nawab Shah and others.
Format : DVD
Language : Hindi
Video Encoding : NTSC All Regions

It all starts with the famous lines:

“Sooraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramak Chhod Jaaunga
Main Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chhod Jaaunga”

As Humayun himself was at the battlefield it is the Rana, his family and his kingdom took the responsibility to take care of his begum who is expecting a child. We see that Rana was sitting with a Maula (an astrologer) who was calculating the time and place of various planets at the time. He found a little worried. When asked the reason for the same by Rana, he explains that Planet conditions are not desirable at that point of time. Though it is changing to the favorable conditions slowly yet steadily. A punditji (an Hindu astrologer) was also sitting along and he agree with the fact.

All them were came to the conclusion that the time is not right for the child to come to the world. However if the delivery time is delayed a little, the child will be blessed with one of the best fortunes. But, as we know that it is a natural phenomenon and how could one interfere the same? So all of them were looking forward for something supernatural to be happened which could lead to the positive and desirable circumstances.

All of a sudden due to some mysterious stuff the begum got unconscious and the moment of child birth was paused. Later when the planets were all in proper places the begum delivered a baby boy. His fate was telling that he is going be great. And yes the fate was proper. The kid will be the mughal emperor Akbar The Great. One of the most respected and well known of their dynasty.

The celebration begun not only in the palace but through out the small kingdom.

However there was a problem. The Mughal queen had some physical situation which made the milk was not ready in her breasts. And there is a major problem for feeding is looking towards them. As a new born should be feed the milk and mainly the breast milk. All of the ladies in the palace were worried. At the time the queen of Rana was also desperate to solve the problem, because the new born cannot wait a lot. A lady named Daya came to their rescue and offered that she is ready to breast feed the infant. When asked that she is also blessed with a baby girl recently, so what will she do for her? She then answered that till there comes a solution for the problem, she will feed both the kids half.

What a noble thought and work. It is so pious and precious stuff and only a mother can know the importance of the same. And only a mother can truly evaluate the sacrifice the Rajput lady offered. Of course there were people who though against the same, as Daya was a Rajput and and the queen was a Muslim. However the begum herself was not believe in the cast based philosophy; nor Humayun, Rana or any of their family members. So it is the fate of the child that he will be blessed with the Rajputi blood which have the great qualities in its own.

Humayun (and his queen too) were remain indebted forever to Daya. Humayun several times asked Daya to ask for anything she wish, which Daya always refused. She deliver some witty dialogs like The best place for wishes and desires is the mind itself, because when they came out, there is always a chance for them to be broken like (incomplete/unfulfilled) dreams.

It also shows that despite of doing so much for the royal Mughal family, Maham Anga have her own prejudices too. Then there was the official naming day when the new born was named as Jalal-Ud-Din Mohammed Akbar. It was an important time not only in the history of Mughals or Rajputs but the entire and Hindustan, and the effects of the same will spread throughout the world. It might be more than the coincidence that it is the 16th century (when Akbar born) in which Guru Nanak also gave his noble guidance and words of wisdom.

The sets are authentic as only interiors shown mostly. The fellows playing protagonist are giving better performances episode by episode. Dialogs, writing and music are plus points of the TV serial episode, which is having its lows as well.

Overall it is a good episode which you will like to watch.

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