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Hasee Toh Phasee | Bollywood Film | Hindi Movie | Personal Reviews

Sometimes the movie name itself plays a major part in people’s expectations from or imagination about the film. Micky Virus or Bajatey Raho, Ennemy are some of the examples.

Same happens to the Hindi film Hasee Toh Phasee. The title gives you an impression that it could be a RomCom film like Chashme Baddoor or any of the comedy movie starring Govinda. But the film is not like that. So the audience who went to the theater could have been disappointed, and the target audience (who may actually like such movies) might have avoided it, due to the title!

The movie is otherwise watchable and have some good moments to go for, for sure.

Movie : Hasee Toh Phasee
Director :
Vinil Mathew
Written by :
Produced by : Karan Johar, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vikas Bahl, Anurag Kashyap
Music By : VishalShekhar
Cinematography : Sanu John Varughese
Studio : Phantom Films
Distributed By : Dharma Productions
Released On :
Starring : Parineeti Chpora (Meeta Solanki), Siddharth Malhotra (Nilkhil Bhardwaj), Adah Sharma (Karishma Solanki), Manoj Joshi (Meeta’s Father), Sharat Saxena (Nikhil’s Father), Neena Kulkarni (Nikhil’s Mother), Anil Mange (Abhinandan), Sunil Upadhyay (Salim), Sameer Khakhkhar (Meeta’s Uncle), and others…

The movie runs into main 3 segments. The previous title segment when Nikhil and Meeta were kids. This segment shows the attributes of their character properly. It also shows father-daughter bond (full of love and understanding) between Meeta and her father. It also shows caring, orthodox and controlling personality of Meeta’s uncle. Nikhil’s strict father (an IPS officer), studios brother, loving mother – these characters are also explored in this segment.

The second segment is when Meeta and Nikhil are quite young (in their late teens we can say). Their accidental brief meeting shows their grown characters. Nikhil is not that studious and unable to live up to his father’s expectations so far. He though, came to Mumbai to attend marriage of his friend. Meeta is having boyish look and trying to run away from the wedding home! In the third segment of the movie we got to know that it was Meeta’s sister’s wedding and her running away from there has a cause. She is very talented and studios girl who ran away for advance studies. Her this step though resulted into the heart-attack of her father! Why? You will know (you can imagine). Nikhil despite of having happy-go-lucky behavior with his life, is very committed person. For the feeling of love, he has ultimate respect. He believes in not ditching the partner in any case. He believe that relationship needs our efforts to put-in, in order to keep it alive, strong and healthy. Nikhil find his love in Karishma – the sister of the bride – at the same ceremony.

The story takes a 7 year jump from the point. Nikhil and Karishma are stable in the relationship. A major role is played by Nikhil’s commitment to the relationship. Whenever any difficulties the relationship face, he goes down to resolve it and keep it going. As Karishma insisted he tries running various business venture. He also bought a flat for them with some financial help of Karishma’s father. Only 7 days are remained to the wedding day and Nikhil is given two responsibility. In order to gain respect in Karishma’s heart he needed to ear INR 5 Crore contract and had to look after a girl named Meeta. Nikhil found it is the same girl he met 7 years ago, who was running away from a home. She however refused any call back of memory! She behaves quite differently, takes some medicines, drinks a lot of water, behave strangely and doesn’t speak much. Nikhil drops her at a cheap hotel, arranged by his friend.

Later he got to know that Meeta is the real sister of Karishma! She came back from China and want to meet her father. However Karishma feels that her come back again will lead to a shock to his father and her wedding ceremony will be ruined. He asks Nikhil to keep her away from her family till the wedding day in all cases. Nikhil bring her at his home.

The story takes interesting turn from here and as expected both Nikhil and Meeta develops feeling for each other. Will ethical Nikhil who is bound to a committed relationship hear the call of his heart? Will Meeta be able to find her true love? Will she be able to meet her father finally? How her meeting with her father is resulted for them both? What is the problem she is facing? Does she became a drug addict? What was she doing in China? Why she came back now? Will she run away from home again? Will Nikhil be able to do what he love to? All these question are answered in the movie.

The content of the story is quite fresh. Well, several scenes give you the feeling of Deja-wu of course. But overall the writing is good. It is not the case that the movie doesn’t have the flows. It has its own. For example, the scene where the burglary of the necklace is revealed, the after effects of the same seems half backed. In the very last scene (at airport) the female protagonist looks tired.

Both Siddharth and Parineeti performed really well. We see mature actors inside them. Siddharth looks younger then Parineeti as the matter of fact. Parineeti’s boyish look (with spects) is fantastic. So the long hair look of Siddharth. Their looks in the third half are good as well. Manoj Joshi got a chance to underplay after so many loud roles. His performance in small role is first rate. We see Sameer Khakhkhar after a long (remember Khopdi of Hindi TV Serial Nukkad ?); his role is small and he does justice to the same. Sharat Saxena and others are quite competent as well.

The cinematography is good. The background music is fine but the songs are above average. A couple of songs are able to make impact and remain in memory after the movie. The dialogs are simple and flair of good writing found at places. Several scenes could have been improved, but overall the direction is good. The movie have entertainment quotient mixed with the emotional content as well.

It is an emotional-entertaining experience with its own flows. You can surely watch the movie once.

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