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Happy New Year | A Time Pass Movie | Personal Reviews

Farah Khan has seen ups and downs of the film industry since her early childhood. She is a successful choreographer and some of the songs she choreographed are really remarkable. When she decided to be a film maker the vision was very clear to her. She wanted to make complete masala movies which are also known as typical Bollywood films. Her idea was to provide entertainment through her films. So go watching her films without expectation to see a master-piece, and you may land into something interesting for you.

With back-to-back successful films like Main Hoon Naa and Om Shanti Om she prove that she almost know that what people want from her or her films precisely. Her venture Tees Maar Khan didn’t perform well on the box office, and critically lashed as well. She then decided to make again a film with the actors she have already worked with and thus the film Happy New Year is made.

Movie : Happy New Year
Director :
Farah Khan
Produced by : Gauri Khan
Written By : ,
Music By : Songs:
Background Score:
John Stewart Eduri
Editor : Anand Subaya
Cinematography :
Production Company : Red Chillies Entertainment
Distributed By : Yash Raj Films
Released On : (Premiered in Dubai on )
Starring : Shahrukh Khan (Chandramohan Sharma aka Charlie), Deepika Padukone (Mohini Joshi), Abhishek Bachchan (Nandu Bhide/Vicky Grover), Sonu Sood (Jagmohan Prakash aka Jag), Boman Irani (Temhton Irani aka Tammy), Vivaan Shah (Rohan Singh), Jackie Shroff (Charan Grover), Anupam Kher (Manohar Sharma), and others…
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The film have a lot of loopholes and there are even things which may not make sense at some point. But we must say when in festival times people go to the theaters their sole aim is to get entertainment. The film has some fun and emotional moments which works in favour of the movie. The critic’s vision, despite of being correct at times, sidelined by the makers when looking at the commercial aspects of the movie. The makers are clear about their goal and target audience.

So first thing first, the film has many backdrops and loopholes and many things which may be below the mark. But, it has some fantastic performances, genuine laughs, emotional quotient and above average level action sequences, which entertains. Don’t try to apply much logic and you may end up liking the film or at least half of it.

In terms of performances we must say Deepika Padukone is the top performer. Despite being raised and lived in almost elite class, she delivers the dialog with right pronunciations. She know how to dance and good at it, but she is equally good in emotional scenes as well. She is a delight to watch delivering a good performance. Roman Irani is first rate as usual, there are times when you found him loud, but he is never unlikable. He did justice to his role. Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan are convincing. There are Sonu’s shirtless scenes as well. Abhishek does what he is asked to, with sincerity. His double role doesn’t make any difference though.

Jackie Shroff have a comparatively smaller role but he is fully in the character. He does what is expected from him as an antagonist of the movie. Vivaan Shah got a very small role and he lives it with sincerity. He has the innocence needed for the role.

Well, we haven’t talked about Shah Rukh Khan yet. His hard work on his physique is quite visible in the film. Though looking a little aged he is completely in the role. He justifies director’s choice. Anupam Kher proves that you don’t need many scenes to get your presence felt.

The background music is really good. The songs of the movie are popular and likeable. The story and script could have been better. The direction is up to the mark. The cinematography is good. References of some scenes and dialogs from old films of Shah Rukh works nicely. Masala movie audience like such stuff.

Let us take a brief look at the story of the film:
Charlie is a fighter who earns money the hard way. One day he found news about Shalimaar security vault and the diamonds to be placed there for a short period of time. He decided to steal the diamonds and send the owner of the firm Charan Grover behind the bars for the robbery by creating circumstances to prove him the accused. Reason, there is old account Charlie need to settle with him.

If you find traces of Hollywood films like Ocean’s Eleven and others, you are not wrong. The film is inspired by several Hollywood and Bollywood films.

The film comes with some genuine laughs and some emotional scenes which you will remember. Don’t apply much logic and you will enjoy the film’s major part.

It is interesting to note that the major films of this year Kick, Dhoom : 3, Bang Bang and now Happy New Year have Robbery (mainly to take revenge) as the central theme and all of them got success at the Box office!

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