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Bang Bang! A Bollywood Thriller | Movie Reviews

Over the weekend we got a chance to watch Hindi film Bang Bang! which is an official remake of Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day. Here are our personal views about the movie.

Movie : Bang Bang!
Director :
Siddharth Anand
Produced by : Fox Star Studios,
Written By :
Music By : Songs:
Background Score:
Editor : Akiv Ali
Cinematography : ,
Production Company : Fox Star Studios
Distributed By : Fox Star Studios
Released On :
Starring : Hrithik Roshan (Rajveer Nanda), Katrina Kaif (Harleen Sahni), Danny Denzongpa (Omar Zafar), Jaaved Jaffrey (Hamid Gul), Pawan Malhotra (Zorawar), Parth Akerkar (Robert), Kishan Gohel (Parker), Préity Üupala (Bar Dancer), and others…

Let us make one thing clear, the original film – knight and day – is not a master piece and the remake – Bang Bang! – have its share of downsides too. But if you love to enjoy action thrillers and entertainment is your primary goal, than this movie is surely for you.

It is fantastic in terms of the use of technology and cinematography. And the best thing in the movie is – Hrithik Roshan – who plays the protagonist. He is a complete package in himself. Being a very versatile actor he gave the movie all he can and it is resulted into a superb output. He is convincing in every scene and make you believe that these – larger than life – scenes are – possible. It is a great achievement. The movie is Hrithik Roshan show.

The movie have some fun moments which are capable enough to bring smile on your faces genuinely, without effort. Songs of the movie are not superb, but they are not bad either. Actually, they are good. And when it comes to dance, public expect a couple of movie songs with fantastic dance moves, if Hrithik stars in the movie. In crime thrillers though, songs comes as a – pause – and affects the tempo. Actually in the first half, a couple of songs comes in short duration, but the second half is comparatively fast.

One thing we noticed is people stay to watch the title song after the movie ends and credits are being displayed. Otherwise, we find people rushing to the – exit – gate as soon as the movie is over.

If to talk about other actors, we see Danny after a long time as the main antagonist. This is probably his smallest role after he got fame. He got longer role in China Gate than this. But, he leaves his impact in Bold avatar. His french cut beard is not perfect, but his acting is. And that is what counts. Javed Jaffrey and Pawan Malhotra are two other actors worth taking note of. They got smaller roles but are convincing enough. Though, they are not in their top form in this movie, but we feel their presence. Vikram Gokhle is hardly there.

Kanwaljit Singh and Dipti Nawal are convincing in the two scenes they got. The persona you require for such roles, are already possessed by them, so they simply slips into the character. Katrina got a good role and she try hard to look convincing. Be it dance moves or action scenes or even the emotional scenes, her efforts are visible. She looks good in most of the scenes she got. Though, the girl from Simla with English accent, is something you cannot digest.

Action scenes are the heart of the movie of course. And they are filmed pretty well too. After Rakesh Roshan, Siddharth explores the areas of Himachal Pradesh in really nice manner. Though the icy locations he have shown not that much icy when tourist visit them, and you clearly see some scenes filmed in studio or foreign location. But some of the scenes (especially during the running chase) explores the heal areal of HP fantastically, and makes you think, there is no need to go to foreign location for shooting, if you can explore Indian locations properly. The cinematography is good.

Script is what needed to be worked on really hard. Actually if the script was better and tighter, the impact of the movie was simply superb. And we are not talking about the only scene; when Rajveer was unable walk naturally, as he got hurt in the leg, when entered in the cafe, and in a few moments he started dancing with aerobics moves! On the hideout island, which happens to be a very small one, Harleen was caught into the bucket raining the moment she enters into the woods, and the moment she is back from it, she is dry and no signs of the rain outside!

Action directors deserves loud applause for the quality work they have given. The background score is really competent. The choreographer did their hard work as well.

Let us take a quick look on the story, which is Indian version of the – Knight and Day – script. An army officer named Viren Nanda meets a wanted terrorist Omar Zafar in London to take him to India. He was attacked by Zafar’s men and was killed along with the guards. Thus Zafar successfully escapes. To take his revenge, Zafar announce a big prize to steal Koh-i-noor (to defame the government and armed forces of the country who captured him). And the condition was, the thief has to be Indian!

Rajveer – an international thief – attempts the robbery successfully. The deal to exchange money and Koh-i-noor is to be cracked in Simla, India, where the things went wrong. A fight between Hamid Gul (the right hand of Zafar)’s men and Rajveer irks, and Rajveer escapes.

Harleen is a bank receptionist who is living her – not interesting – life. She then decided to find someone to spice her life up and add some romance to it. Eventually Harleen and Rajveer meet each other in a restaurant.

And that makes her life upside down. They both meet with unexpected (expected by Rajveer though) twists and trails and have to keep on their toes. Their romance though go on in tough times as well. The rest of the story is somewhat predictable (and almost fully predictable if you have watched – Knight and Day).

Interesting Info:

  • For the first time, Flyboard stunt was done in a Bollywood or Hollywood film and Hrithik Roshan became the first actor to do a flyboarding stunt in a film.
  • For the first time in a Bollywood film, F1 cars were used.
  • The film was released in about 5100 screens worldwide, the biggest release for a Bollywood film.
  • This is the first film to be shot and co-produced in Abu Dhabi.

Simple summary: Action thriller lovers who love to watch movie for entertainment purpose only, will surely enjoy this technically good and full with some power packed performances film.

Curtsey: Poster – Wikipedia, Trailer – YouTube

VFX Breakdown:

Those who are curious about knowing the “behind the scenes stuff”, and especially how special effects (also known as SFX) or visual effects (VFX) have been used in the movie, here is a bonus video from YouTube.

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