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Gulliver’s Travels | Hollywood Movie | English Film | Views And Reviews

Who can forget Jonathan Swift and his tales of Gulliver’s Travels. The tales are translated in various languages around the world and they have fascinated kids for many generations we can say, and it will continue doing same. There is no hesitation in saying that it is found equally fascinating for the youth and elders too. We love them throughout the life.

Film : Gulliver’s Travels
Director : Rob Letterman
Cast : Jack Black (Lamuel Gulliver), Jason Segel (Horatio), Emily Blunt (), Amanda Peet (Darcy Silverman), Billy Connolly (King Theodore), Chris O’Dowd (General Edward), T. J. Miller (Dan), James Corden (Jinks), Catherine Tate (Queen Isabelle), Emmanuel Quatra (King Leopold) , Olly Alexander (Prince August), Blefuscian Captain (Stewart Scudamore) and others

Recently I did get a chance to view Gulliver’s Travels movie and it grab me to itself since title. It is the unique and nice way to display the same and you will love it with the 3D animations, mind blowing stuff. Simply Superb. Well begin is half done we know, but let’s see if the entire movie lives up to the exceptions, or its just good start only!

Lemuel Gulliver is a happy go lucky guy living in the modern world working in a company in the mail room. He likes one of his colleague but he doesn’t have courage to ask her. Due to his shyness he was not noticed by the management since 10 years and colleague who joins him since a few days got promoted as his boss from his sub-ordinate and advises him to change his nature. Dug into his own sorrows found that his love interest Darcy was still there in the office and he went meet her. He though was unable to tell what he wanted but during the fumbling he told her that is fond of traveling and gets offer to provide some sample writings on travel.

Internet – the information ocean comes rescue him. He copies a few paragraph from some of the travel related articles from a few newspaper and magazine websites and provides them as his introductory articles. Impressed by his articles he assigned the first work to write about Bermuda. Actually no one was ready to go there not only because it is isolated place, but it is dangerous too as we know. He needs to have knowledge of driving a boat/ship as it is needed. To impress her, he confirms that he knows the stuff, while he was not. He took flight and reaches to Bermuda.

There he was assigned the boat with GPS system, informed about the basic navigation stuff which was quite straight forward and then was on his own. In the travel while he was enjoying the initial phase, he eats a lot and got asleep. When he opened his eyes, he was all captured by the famous sea-strorms and it is almost decided that he couldn’t get out of the same.

But he was lucky! He was alive and when he opened his eyes in land of little people. Well, they were really little, not more than a few inches in maximum height. Could be mistaken as insects! Its a new experience and knowledge for Gulliver. What is there ahead in his destiny?!

He got to know that he is at the place called Lilliput.

The citizens of Lilliput were living in their own world. Having a similar kingdom of other small people (can you call them dwarfs?). The army of Lilliput took Gulliver in custody and later after representing him to the king, he is taken to an isolated jail. He got a new friend there. In a course of circumstances the opponents attack the kingdom of Lilliput and Gulliver plays the savior for Lilliput. The situation takes U-turn there and Gulliver becomes hero for Lilliputians. How his fate moves the circumstances ahead is a tale in itself and it is better to watch it on your own.

The movie cleverly adds the latest robotics and other techniques into the story convincingly. This 3D movie is a delight to watch. It has the emotional quotient too, and that works pretty well too. The end credits are also being displayed even nicely. The movie is a delight to watch for everyone, even though the story is not new for a major number of people. The acting of the lead, the cinematography, the technique, almost everything works pretty well. A nice, innocent, genuine entertainer. A must watch film.

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