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Chitkabrey, a movie released recently and it was critically accepted but was unable to do any magic at the box office. Chitkabrey means striped (like Zebra for example). Shaded with black and white and remains Grey at some of the places. The starting of the movie clearly makes you feel that it is an adaptation of the famous Agatha Christie novel, “And Then There Were None“, which was also published with the titles Ten Little Nigers, Ten Little Indians and more… The tale is so fascinating that it is adapted as movie several times, not only as English, but Hindi too. The most accomplished Hindi version of the same is “Gumnaam” starring Manoj Kumar, Mehmood and others.

Film : Chitkabrey
Writer, Producer, Director : Suneet Arora
Screenplay : Sanjay Masoom, Suneet Arora, Vishal Vijaykumar
Creative Director : Yoginder Singh
Creative Producer : Supratim Sen
Dialog : Sanjay Masoom
Cast : Ravi Kishan [Rakesh Chaubey], Rahul Singh [Jayant Mangatram Patel], Rajesh Shringarpore [Joginder Singh Garewal], SSanjay Swaraaj [Deepak Sareen], Akshay Singh [Edvin Verghese], Bobby Vatsa [Balaaji Narayanan], Kuldeep Dubey [Amaan Ali Siddiqui], Vishvanath Chatterjee [Buddhadev Basu], Amit Bhardwaj [Ajay Shankar], Jaswinder Gardner [Fauzia], Khushboo Gupta [Rekha], Pooja Gupta [Anjali], Svitlana Manolyo [Cindy], Akshhara Gowda [Palak], Sussana Mohan [Kavita], Divyaa Dwivedi [Sandhya]

It is the story of some offences done by youth, probably without knowing its severity, in the mood of taking life lightly which infact resulted for someone else as a nightmare. A Korean movie prepared on the theme was later adopted(!?) as Zinda, starring Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Lara Dutta and others. You will find some shades of that movie also in Chitkabrey.

So it is all adapted and nothing original! well we are not saying that. Actually it focuses the most important “Raging” issue. We know that there is a tradition in college called “Raging” in which they take on the new comers. It is said that the idea behind was having a friendly relationship between seniors and juniors. Probably at the time when people were more cultured and modest, they might have respected seniors in the college too and something like this could have been worked as removing the barrier between seniors and juniors. But it is not working that way practically, nowadays. We see and hear a lot of cases when a humiliated junior gets mental disorder or even commits suicide in such case.

Chitkabrey is a story of a college gang of a few boys and a girl. They all gets ready for a get-together after so many years of their college completion. They all have different persona and they all are living a different life. But they all are fascinated with the idea to meet the old friend and rejoice. The thing goes well initially. But later, they found trapped in a hotel where they all are asked to confess the crime or the biggest mistake they thing they have committed, by the mysterious kidnapper. Wherever they tried telling lie they were corrected by the kidnapper. The kidnapper knew all the true details about all them?!

We got to know that all of them are cheating their spouses by one or the other way! Though cheating is not the crime they were took into the custody! Frustrated all of them were ultimately demands the kidnapper to come in front. The kidnapper when enters and we know that he is one of the juniors of the gang who was harnessed by them and those incident(s) have ruined his life; all the pieces of the maze started falling in place. When we hear the way his life was ruined by the gang, we definitely got sympathy with him.
Though having enough money and arrogance made the gang think that the kidnapper can be given the money, the handsome amount of money, and they could all get released!!

Will the trick work? Will the kidnapper forgive them? Is there any way to get out of the trap?

The actors performs well. Only a few have underperformed otherwise all of them have done well. The movie is not having the star cast which can grab the people to the theater. Neither there is a place for romantic songs in the film. But those who loves offbeat films will like it. Be aware, this is an adult movie.

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