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The 1985 movie, Commando is one of the most popular and loved movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger. John Matrix – the protagonist have made his everlasting impact on the people. Every youth who love watching English movies, cannot miss it. The wings and packs of Arnie, shown in the scene when he was sailing the boat, are amazing. Though the most memorable still of the movie is when Arnie is fully loaded with the weapons and prepared for the climax fight. Holding the gun over the shoulder is the scene you can see in many gyms, talkies, malls, movies and music stores and many alike places.

It is a complete Arnold Schwarzenegger movie which is purely based on the tight story and mind blowing actions. Arnold looks like a machine. He had shown very limited facial expressions and was doing a number of inhuman tasks but you will still believe him that he can do it! It is all due to his persona. He can tear of the partition of the cargo area or jump from the plane taking off, without getting injured and still you are convinced that if John Matrix is there, it can surely be done! Arnie’s entry is also fantastic, a man holding a trunk of of a tree on one shoulder and brought the wood cutter in the other hand, popping up his muscles… people love it.

Movie : Commando
Director : Mark L. Lester
Producer : Joel Silver
Screenplay : Steven E. de Souza
Story : Steven E. de Souza, Joseph Loeb III, Matthew Weisman
Cast : Arnold Schwarzenegger (John Matrix),
Rae Dawn Chong (Cindy), Alyssa Milano (Jenny Matrix), James Olson (General Kirby), Dan Hedaya (Arius), Vernon Wells (Bennett), Bill Duke (Cooke), David Patrick Kelly (Sully), Charles Meshack (Henriques), and others…

Other good thing is the strong characterization of Bennett – the antagonist who could fight the protagonist. His mastery in knife fights and superb physical strength makes him competent for John Matrix. It is truly said, the more powerful the villain is, the hero’s work got more praised. It is clearly reflected here. And there is always an elder or aged officer, who trained the commando, made him the war machine, be it Colonel Sam Trautman for John Rambo, of Major Franklin Kirby for John Matrix. Also see the attempt of escape from a closed room by using wit and tools available, by Jenny, John’s daughter will make you believe that he is the daughter of a commando. Also Benett praises the abilities of Matrix and shows respect to his skills, this is a clear picturization of the stuff that he knows Matrix really well. In order to overpower someone, it is necessary to know him properly. If you know his strengths and weaknesses properly, then and then you can plan your battle properly.

Retired Delta Force Operative Colonel John Matrix was living his life in his isolated home in the mountains with his lovely daughter Jenny happily. The bond of the father-daughter was really strong and they are madly loving each other. They cannot even think to live without each other. At the same time a few former staff members of Delta Force have been killed by some unknown mercenaries at various different places. Worried about John’s safety his former superior General Franklin Kirby visits him to inform him the incidents. He found John as silent, smooth and fit as he was during his duties. Kirby leaves two soldiers to protect John and Jenny. Jenny not happy with the appearance of the military officer because she was feared that her father may have to go to some mission, or something abnormal will be happened. John though calms her down by saying that, he is not going anywhere by leaving and her, and that is what matter. As soon as Kirby leave, some mercenaries attack John’s home. Both the security guards were killed during the fight. John asked Jenny to be out of sight and went to his strong room to bring his weapons. He brings his stuff and fights, but found Jenny was captured by those fellows! The member of the assassin group left to negotiate with John is met with John’s bullet as he is no mood of negotiation anyway. He is ready to follow, capture and kill those assassins anyway.

But he found his car was made unusable! So what? He is a commando, having wit with muscles. He drags the car to the end of the riff and then pushes it by sitting with. This way he was climbing down the roads of the mountain! Though his car’s brakes were also failed, he was able to jump into some of the mercenaries but was overpowered by them and injected tranquilizer by them. To Matrix surprise, the former man of his unit, who was thrown out by Matrix and considered dead in recent incidents, Bennett was heading the group and shot tranquilize to him. When got his conscious back, he was there with the mercenaries in a torture room. The group was headed by South American dictator named Arius, who was previously overthrown by Matrix in a revolution staged by the United States. Now he have several former soldiers working for him to fulfill his dream to be the ultimate ruling authority which includes Bennett! He offers John to do carry on an assassination for him. Arius wants complete control of military coup in his home country of Val Verde which was headed by the current president of the country. He was nothing else, but in Arius’ view the puppet of American government. Arius ask John to kill the president for him. Because president trust John, only John can carry on the mission, no one else. John, obviously refused. But then he was brought in front of his daughter Jenny. Arius promised to return Jenny to his father if he does as per the instructions, if he does otherwise, Jenny will be mailed to him in pieces. Do John have any other way left now?

John is taken to airport so he can fly to Val Verde and complete his mission. In the conversation with Bennett he found that he will be under observation, Sully will take care that he takes off in the plane properly and Henriques will be with him throughout, to make sure, he lands as per the plans. If Bennett will not hear from either of them, Jenny will be killed! Bennett also confirms that to take revenge of what Matrix have done to him, he was ready to do the task for nothing, as he got a chance to overpower Matrix! Sully confirms John boarding the plane and later the plane taking off from the airport to make sure the phase of the plan he is responsible moves on smoothly. John intelligently, silently and brutally kills Henriques without anyone notice the same. He then confirms the air hostess to not to disturb Henriques as he is dead tired, he needs sound sleep! As plane started running on the runway, John visits the bathroom and then the Cargo. As an expert he knew the door at the bottom which is used to hold the plane wheels when it is flynig. He gets out from there seeing plane taking off. As it reaches to a place he could jump into water, he jumped! Sully was on his way back as plane took off. The flight will land to the destination in 11 hours and that is all the time John have, to save her daughter. Because when the plane will be landed the dead body of Henriques will tell all, and Arius and Bennett will kill her.

The action chase of 11 hours begins here. It is better to watch it rather discussing the same. The movie is good at technical aspects and you will love watching it. It was came to know that movie was having the romantic scenes of Arnold with Rae Dawn Chong which was removed because they were looking awkward, may be its true but who cares? The movie is an action ride and it doesn’t miss those scenes. The dialogs of the movie are not too long or artistic, rather they are small and most of them are punchlines which you will remember. Such action-thriller ride needs only those kind of dialogs. Actually, Arnie’s accent was seen as the problem for longer dialogs and fluent dialog deliveries. But as Arnie have said in Arnold Schwarzenegger Commencement Keynote Address At EMORY University; one needs to convert his limitations into his specialty or unique abilities. That is what followed in Terminator series and other movies too; making Arnold the blockbuster hero. The movie was also nominated for the special effects. It was one of the highest grossing movies of that year. The climax is a delight to watch.

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