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Episode 3 of Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

Let us start reviewing the episode with a famous note by Chanakya regarding how much tax a ruler should collect. “A king should collect taxes just like a bee collects nectar without harming the flowers.” How true! You can know the analytical power of the fellow by this simple phrase which he had given at the age of a child. Surely he will be the man who can give us the famous encyclopedic stuff about economy, named ArthShashtra.

All is not well in Magadh – the land which was made pious from the visits of Gautam Buddh and Mahavir Swami, the land which played vitally important role in the history of India. A traitor named DhanaNand was trying to grab all the wealth of the state, which is actually the property of the citizens of the same. DhanaNand was the king and hence have his assembly of ministers, all influenced by him and no one dared to go against him anyway. A king is actually an administrator of the kingdom and he have to behave like that. The powers given to him are for ease of administration not to rule the people as per his own wish by considering him as the owner of the entire state and all its resources. But situations never remain ideal and that is what we see in the current environment also. Even the democratic countries facing the problems that the members of legislative assembly and the ministers and other officials forget their responsibility and the reason they were chosen by the people, and in stead of fulfilling their duties, they often see their personal interest (exceptions are there, and that is why we use the word often, otherwise it will be injustice to the genuine fellows in the ruling authorities).

Shaktar was really in very angry mood for whatever new taxes are imposed on the citizens and he challenged entire council of ministers and king himself in interest of the kingdom to revoke the orders for the same. However his attempts failed. No one was ready to think for Magadh and people of Magadh but their own personal interest only. In this disappointing situation Shaktar visits his friend who is a teacher – Aacharya Chanak. He was a very genuine person with patriotism for Magadh – his motherland. He backed Shaktar and promised to support him. Some of the relatives of DhanaNand were stood on the road and disturbing the Brahmin children who were studying in the Gurukul and were on the way to get their alms daily. They by mistake interrupted VishnuGupt also, who gave him the proper answer! However in anger they have attacked VishnuGupt and it could have been a fatal incident for VishnuGupt. Milind came at right time and the kids were saved. Though Vishnu was not feared at all.

Late night when Bhamini awake, she find Shaktar nowhere near. She then asks Milind to look after him. Milind finds Shkatar found the wealth buried by DhanaNand and was scattering it into the streets of Pataliputra. Milind as a friend advises him to no to take on the king himself. As the power and authority doesn’t have wisdom it could be dangerous. Shaktar however was so mad in love with his motherland, in the interest of Magadh and its citizens, he was ready to do anything. The next day angry ruling authority declared its actions against Shaktar! Milind is the one who had to follow the order. Shaktar is charged with stealing the wealth from the kindom’s official treasury and spreading them into the streets! His both sons Sthoolbhadra and Shriyak were arrested as well. They both make a failed attempt to escape from the cart taking him to the custody. Vishnugupta witnesses this and conveys the news of their arrest to his father.

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What will happen now? Will Chanak take the stand for his friend and true well wisher of Magadh? Will he be supported by other teachers and citizens or Will they not go against the king? Visit the incidents which are responsible for Vishnu to become a ruthless wise patriotic minister, economist and main force behind the ruling force.

Visiting the history makes us wise. It prevent us to take wrong decision and follow the right path from the experience of others. It is very rare to found interesting authentic documentation of the history, to extent you can see in this Tele Serial. The DVD quality is also good. Our verdict, go for it.

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