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Episode 4 Of Akbar The Great Hindi TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

Shershah Suri tried a lot to bring Bairam khan aka Bairam Beg to his favor. But though captured, Bairam Khan shown ultimate faithfulness towards Humayun and politely rejects the offer to change to party. It is something to admire. As now a days we see people change parties for even a small fortune, it is very tough to find gem like him, who despite loosing a chance to get a lot of fortune, power and more, preferred to remain faithful to his master. He was amongst the people who respect promise and keep them over the life.

TV Series :
Akbar The Great
Music : Naushad
Art : T. K. Desai
Photography : V. Subba Rao
Dialogs :
Screenplay :
Producer : Akbar Khan
Director : Akbar Khan
Cast : Sahid Khan, Vikrant, Kaushal Kapoor, Shammi, Kamal Malik, Aman Quraishi, Arvind, Ishtiaq Khan, Sumita Siddharth, Gazal, Syed Nawab Shah and others.
Format : DVD
Language : Hindi
Video Encoding : NTSC All Regions

It all starts with the famous lines:

“Sooraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramak Chhod Jaaunga
Main Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chhod Jaaunga”

It was dark time for Mughal kingdom and getting darker. There was no hope. Number of rulers were trying to take advantage of this situation. Though betrayed by his own brothers Humayun ultimately had to move towards them only. Destiny is a mysterious thing! Humayun decided to meet his brother Mirza Hindal. Who welcomed him fondly and expressed a lot of joy and arranged a warm welcome to him. Humayun meets his mother there and got he blessings.

Humayun get glimpses of Hamidabano Begum there. After getting details about her, Humayun remembers the fact that one of the ancestors of the girl, a Peer (a saint) gave him a ray of hope when he was all lost at hope. He remembered the prophecy made by him. It is something we will you watch on your own, rather then declaring here.

How Humayun gets engaged and how his love life goes on is the rest of the episode.

There are actors who you feel are acting, rather than looking normal and natural. The sets are not so good which you expect. Overall a watchable part where you visit the historical event of Humayun’s marriage.

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