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Bol | Hindi Film | Hindi Movie Reviews

One of the off-beat films released recently is Bol – the Pakistan based film, which was released in India and UK at the end of August 2011.

Film : Bol
Writer, Director : Shoaib Mansoor
Cast : Humaima Malik (Zainub), Manzar Sehbai (Hakim Sahib), Atif Aslam (Mustafa), Iman Ali Meena Shadoo (Dancer), Mahira Khan (Ayesha), Shafqat Cheema (Saqa Kanjar), Zaib Rehman (Suraiya), Amr Kashmiri (Saifi)

It is the story of Zainub who is to be hanged when the film begins. She applied to the president for revoking the hang-till-death order as the formality and in case her plea will be rejected (which happens) she wanted to tell her real tale to the press as her last wish. Her tale explores how being orthodox and living in a so-called pious world of his own doesn’t make suffer Hakim Sahib only, but also his entire family. Zainub happens to be his eldest and wisest daughter.

The problem of uneducated and orthodox families are they have multiple children. The thing goes worse when they happens to be girls. Hakim Sahib’s ancestors were one of the people who shifted to Pakistan when partition of India was done in 1947. With the time progressed, the doctors got more respect and the income of Hakims got thinner and thinner. It affected Hakim Sahib too. But the only thing he never turned his face off from was producing children. He had total 14 daughters and he was starving for a boy. We later know that after 14 deliveries Zainub got her mother operated so she should not have any more children.

Zainub was very intelligent and wise, but her orthodox father was not ready to listen to her. To add to the family’s problems there comes when it was found that the last-born was a hermaphrodite. To avoid the shame he should receive from the society around, Hakim Sahib condemns him to a life of captivity.

Also the family’s hard time gets harder and harder and Hakim Sahib desperately was seeking for the source of income to overcome the situation, and he was ready to go to any extent for the same. How the situation moves ahead is terrific and better to watch on screen in stead of talking much about.

The message of the film in addition to be educated, live in the enlightened world and understand true meanings of the spiritual guidance, is though provocation. Its if killing someone is a crime, then why shouldn’t giving birth to someone to whom you can not provide a quality life?

The climax is intense and it has to be. Overall the movie is intense and the performance of most of the cast members is splendid. Kudos to the director for choosing such a thought provoking story and making justice to the same. An off beat film.

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