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Zaban Sambhal Ke | Episode 1 | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views And Reviews

Zabaan Sambhal Ke was one of the popular satirical cum comic Hindi TV serial which was praised when aired. It was so well accepted by the viewers that it was telecasted for more than one seasons.

If we simply try to get the meaning of the title “Zaban Sambhal Ke”, it can be “Mind Your Language”. Its actually about language, to be precise, Hindi language. A school was seeking for the Hindi teacher and the interviews are already arranged for the same. Though most of the candidate fail passing the interview due to two reasons mainly. Either the candidate fail impressing the interview, Ms. S. L. Dixit not only because his/her skill but not being ready to teach Hindi on a very low pay scale of Rs. 500 a month.

We also see a lady candidate came wearing such tight cloths that it were revealing more than it was covering. Also she was very keen about her make up etc. When you go somewhere to be a teacher, one of the most respected profession, you must have a dignified appearance.

It was not a school of small children as it is expected. But there are quite a few young people came to learn Hindi, based on their own requirements. One of them was a South Indian lady, one Punjabi male, a sheikh from Arab countries, a Russian and a British fellow, an Anglo-Indian lady, a Parsi gentleman amongst them.

TV Serial : Zaban Sambhal Ke
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Actors : Staff
Pankaj Kapoor (Mohan Bharti), Shoobha Khote (Late Dixit), Meenakshi Shukal (Archana), Chandu Parkhi (PremPrakash Chaturvedi)
Bhavana Balsavar (Ms. Vijaya Southest), Tom Alter (Mr. Charles Spencers), Rajinder Mehra (Makkhan Singh), Tanaz Currim Irani (Ms. Jennifer Jones), Simon Asoyo (Mungwango Asoyo), Viju Khote (Vittal Bapurao), Hosi Vasunia (Nikolai Molatov), Keith Stevenson (Shekh Ruslan-Al-Sulaah), Dinyaar Tirandaz (Mr. Keki Dastoor), Vivek Vaswani (Vivek Vaswani)
Season 2 Onwards
Dimple Shah (Gujarati girl), Anant Mahadevan (Mr. Mukharji), Javel Jaffrey (Rock Patel)

Now the only candidate left coming for the interview is Mr. Mohan Bharati. On the other side, the students already came and the class is ready. Now if the teacher could not be arranged there will be a problem. The student may even demand the fees back! In the meantime, peon Chaturvedi went to the class to put some files there. The student mistakenly considers him as the teacher.

Chaturvedi takes the advantage of the situation and he try impressing the students!! Some funny incidents happen when he try doing so. Mr. Mohan Bharti came in between and meet the principal. We got to know that he possess a number of other degrees but no degree in Hindi language. However the necessity of the school makes principal overlooking it. But when asked for the salary, Mohan Bharati demands Rs. 5000 per month in addition to the other facilities. Ms. Dixit however wanted to pay Rs. 500 per month only, not a penny more. Archana, the assistant of the lady principal was impressed by Mohan though.

What will Mohan do? Will he accept the job for such low salary figure, or will Ms. Dixit raise his salary? Will the students got to know that Chaturvedi is a peon, not the teacher he thinks about? To get answers to all these question, you need to watch the first episode of the sitcom.

The DVD quality is quite ok. The acting of the lead actors is really applausable though the incidents are not as funny as expected. A sitcom watchable with the family is a plus point. Overall, you can decide to go for it.

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