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Safari Magazine | October 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

Safari is definitely one of the most respected science magazines and there are no two thoughts about the quality of articles it provide in the reader friendly language. The characteristics of the magazine makes reader awaiting for the latest issue of the same, eagerly. We were also starving to have a look to the content of the October 2011 issue of the magazine & here it is for you all.

Everything have two sides the good and the bad, light and dark and that is correct in the case of industrial revolution as well. An article exploring the reasons behind the fact that “Africa was once afforested and after 18th century the rainfall there, is decreased by 50% which makes the existence of starvation there. So the commercial gain for Europe resulted into the environmental pain for the African countries?! Well, read the factual information and decide it.

When we think about a Scientist, there is a specific image comes in front of our eyes which is predefined with certain characteristics. But there are people who are in the totally different business or job but innovate something great, to make them remembered as respected fellow in the field of science as well. The science fiction authors are not the only ones. Ok, here are the names of a few inverters.

  1. Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhock
  2. Laszol Biro
  3. John Dunlop
  4. Chester Carlson
  5. Leopold Godowsky & Leopold Mannes
  6. Steve Jobs
  7. Bill Gates
  8. Christopher Wren
  9. Clive Sinclair
  10. Kary Mullis

Their names are associated with various inventions but do you know their original field of work? Well, read the article titled “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be an inventor” to get the factual details.

Can you image a Rolls-Royce car as a garbage collection van? Well, nobody would have ever imagined so in the wildest dream. The world was stunned when Maharaja of Alwar used his fleet of Rolls-Royce for collecting the rubbish. Well, Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar might not have made the decision spontaneously or overnight. Which series of events made him do so? you can get details in the article about the same.

It is the human nature which makes the people excited about the lost treasures. A lot of inventions are the result of such hunts and similarly, a number of stories, books, myths and more. It is well known that the the treasures looted by the pirates of the 17th century lie beneath the grounds somewhere on the islands of Caribbean sea and Indian Ocean. The words “Pirates” and “Caribbean” will definitely irk you to think “The Pirates Of Caribbean”, the famous movie series which is a box office hit. The erasures are considered to be of billions of rupees and most importantly no one has been successful finding the secret treasures so far; which makes the entire tale mysterious and interesting. Read the article about the same to dig a little deeper in the historical and factual details about these secret treasures.

Be it Star Wars, Terminator, Matrix series of the movies or another number of movies, robots or humanoids are always considered as the area of interest. Artificial intelligence, if implanted properly and if the technology is powerful enough, it leads to convert the robots into humanoids, artificial humans we can say. It is also thought about the roles of these robots in the future wars and its vital importance. They are also considered as the warriors of future, who fought the battle without risking the life of the human soldiers. Samarth Vyas wrote a full 7 page article with interesting information and needful pictures about the same in this issue, it is a really informative article.

Harshal Pushkarna’s Fast facts section reveals some facts which are important to know including, the detailed analysis with graphics and statistics about the new force-multiplier aircraft career of China (Varyag) and its comparison with INS Virat. A must read two page article.

There are the bridges which are considered as the engineering wonders, Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco is one of them. It is definitely one of the most outstanding bridge of the world. Well, it is not the longest, widest or highest bridge of the world, neither its size or cost of construction made it the number one in the segment. Which characteristics of this nearly 75 years old bridge which makes it outstanding then?! A 5 page detailed article with related images answer all your queries about the same. A nice article.

Caves were the first shelters for the humans and it serves as a home for so many animals today as well. Thats why the caves always fascinates humans, caves like Ajanta and Elora are famous for the arts on the wall of the same, which represents the culture. One sometimes wonder which are the biggest or largest cave on the earth. Starwak chamber was discovered in 1981 by three British explorers. The cave is underground in Malaysia. It is so big that around fourty Boing 757 Jumbo Jets can be parked within the same! There are some more fantstic factual information about the same will let you believe that this is the largest underground cave in the world. Read a three page article about the same.

The Fact Finder section answers the queries like:

  • Why can’t we see in the dark?
  • How was the circulation of the blood proved
  • What is D-day and what does it mean?
  • What is pig iron? How did this name get derived?
  • Can an insect like fly hear?
  • Who invented the first personal computer?
  • How do we know that there is a massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy?
  • What is the process of food irradiation and how does it prevent food spoilage?
  • When was the ship’s distress signal SOS/ Save Our Souls used first?
  • When were playing cards first used?
  • Why do we stand and walk upright?
  • Which was the world’s first communication satellite?
  • If one walks in a moving train in the same direction the train is moving does he move faster than the train?

And the Super Quiz section is there at the end which let you know a lot of factual information.

In the time of gossip magazines and adultery content is high on sell. This magazine is worth reading not only for the kids but for all. Just go for it…

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