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Safari Magazine | November 2012 Issue | Views And Reviews

The month of October 2012 was passed with some major events in the history. Microsoft’s new Tablet and Windows 8 both are hitting the market with updates and news about the same. The Australian sky diver made a history and many more of them are really remarkable.

Let us start the new month with the review of knowledge and science magazine from India – Safari’s latest issue.

The cover page looks catchy with a photograph of Mount Rushmore. The inside cover page contains the high resolution image of The Zig Zag web. a rare to see photograph.

Diwali – one of the most celebrated festival – which includes the family of festivals including the end of the current year as per the Hindu calendar (Diwali) and the new year day – is approaching. People are getting ready to celebrate the festival. The fire crackers have an important role to play. It is said that the amount of fire crackers used during the week of Diwali is equals to the overall usage of the fire crackers during the rest of the year. There is also a kind of competition run between people about who fires how many crackers. Even people try to fire the crackers which are somehow greater than others. This competition leads to some interesting crackers, same way it even leads to the crackers with big sounds. The Booms getting noisier. Do you know that there is a regulation act passed on the highest level of sound (noise) – a cracker can produce? However as it is associated with the festival, and there are no standard guidelines to follow, it might not be followed properly. The impact of the same on the human body is not avoidable though. The incidents of catching fires and the deafness the sounds of cracker can lead to, are the adverse effect of carelessness when celebrating the festival, which are intended to be joyous. An article by the editor of the magazine – Harshal Pushkarna titled “What Diwali firecracker’s deafening din’s decibels mean?” is worth read, and on time article.

There are so many records, some genius humans built. But when a mathematics is done by a an animal(!) it is even more interesting. It is said that only humans can use the brain power at such level, hence, such incidents are studied with interest by the scholars. An article by Digambar Vyas provides detailed information about such incident (including the famous case of Clever Hans – the horse). An informative article.

Do you know the reason why the people who does snow scaling wears Sunglasses? The transparent surface of the ice reflects the sunrays as if the mirror. So there is the chance to get caught with “snow blindness”. There is one spices, which have given natural sunglasses to fight this situations, the Polar bear! It is found on the North Pole. It is capable to kill a 250Kg seal with a single blow of its paw!! and still it’s future is not looking so good!!! Why? Read an article about the same spread in 6 pages. There are informative images making the article more encyclopedic.

Usually we see that people always be humble to those who have helped him somehow. This is true in case of other creatures including trees! We know a lot of such cases and we read a lot of incidents about how the internal dependency worked for some of them during our study days. There are some adverse cases also. For example Strangler Fig is a killer tree, which is known for it’s act of squeezing its host tree to death! The article with some nice images, makes it worth reading and raise your eyebrows.

Death valley of California, USA is always mysterious. Salt flats of the same are famous for automatic moving stones, which includes small and big ones both. It is not about just pebbles moved from one location to the other, due to heavy wind or something. But some heavy stones are moved a long and their tracks are also found very properly. It is really a genuine question to arise that what makes these heavy stones move from one place to the other? A detailed article about the same is for any curious brain.

In my childhood days I was a fan of model airplanes and information about them. They are simply fascinating. (Though as the matter of fact, I haven’t owned any or experienced with the same). The fast fact section of this issue brings in information about Radio-controlled model airplanes is something I cannot skip reading.

A mountain containing the faces of four USA presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln), all facing in different direction, sculpted onto the same – known as Mount Rushmore, attracts around 3 million people every year to visit the same. The detailed story behind this giant size sculpture, its creator and the incidents associated with the same, is simply a good read.

The Q & A Fact Find section comes with the answers to the following questions:

  • There are billions of stars in the Universe and they are everywhere, then why is the sky dark at night?
  • What were the first robots?
  • Is there any limit to the speed a spacecraft may attain?
  • Are there countries that re geographically spread over two continents?
  • Why does fruit ripen? What is behind the ripeness process?
  • Compared to nuclear explosion, how much energy is produced by collision of matter and antimatter?
  • Has any spacecraft ever been hit by space debris in orbit around the Earth?
  • Were the oceans salty from the beginning or acquired salinity later on?
  • Which is the biggest artillery gun ever made and used in warfare?

The super quiz section this month, comes with the informative stuff about spices.

The magazine is overall a worth read and it gives you the best value for the money.

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